Divine Timing…The hours and days after a reading shows more and more details making sense, ringing true… especially when you too are the messenger for you Deceased Loved One.

Dear Friends

My readings are intensive and detailed, we fill your chosen time with me. Making the absolute most of your investment.

Both myself and my team in spirit wish to give you all you need in the present. This is the same for a mediumship reading, yet the one with messages is one or more of your loved ones.

And…well they will make the very most of the time they have. You see…they may never get the chance again.

Fabia had a spiritual counselling session booked, but her Dad had died when she was a teenager…and he stepped in. The session became a pure communication from Dad to daughter….with a quick visit from her cat and her boyfriends cat.

Now….when I say he took his chance, that he did.

He detailed not just information for Fabia, but for her Sister and her Mother. Which meant occasionally what I detailed in text to her….didn’t make sense.

Well it is now 2 days since her session. Each day she has messaged me, delighted. Amazed, and in awe.

In awe at the detail, the accuracy and at how things her Sister recognised as messages from her Dad for her.

And that he has told their Mum that he too, thinks she should have a coffee with another.

When I say what I do is Magic, I don’t mean its a trick….but light and loved filled healing magic.

In a tough world, everyone deserves some magic.

So take a read of her words below.

With love

Zowie xxx


Rating: 5 out of 5.

What is a Medium?

ZowieCarr ♡ WalkswithSpirit

My Friends

A sharing and enlightening post, some enjoy my manifestation posts, some the soul guidance sent daily from Angel’s and Spirit Guides…some are intrigued by how I work and like evidence posts…

Some like the detail. Trying to make sense of what the @#() I do.

So what is a medium…let’s add a little meat on the bone for you.

Whether one refers to him- or herself as a psychic medium, spiritual medium, intuitive medium or any other similar title, it’s all essentially the same thing—the emphasis being on talking to spirits in the afterlife. While I refer to myself as a “psychic medium,” there is a big difference between a psychic and a medium.

A psychic isn’t necessarily a medium, but a medium is a psychic. This is an important distinction and a good place to start, because I meet clients all the time who misunderstand the difference and confuse the two.

Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future. Simply put, psychics rely on their basic sense of intuition and psychic ability to gather information for the person being read.

Mediums take it a step further. A medium uses his or her psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person. This means mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves for the information relevant to the person being read.

Similarly, all medical students are required to take the basic entry-level medical courses, such as physics, biology and chemistry. Premed students are trained in the basics before moving on to higher-level courses and choosing their medical specialty, such as cardiology, pediatrics or oncology.

The emphasis of my work is mediumship: making connections with and delivering messages from people who are no longer living to those who still are. I receive information primarily and directly from the dead, spirit guides and angels.

While there are a few different forms of mediumship, I work mainly as a mental medium, which means I communicate with spirits through the use of telepathy.

Spirits impress my mind and body with thoughts and feelings that come in the form of “clairs.” I mentally “hear” (clairaudience), “see” (clairvoyance), “know” (claircognizance) and/or “feel” (clairsentience) messages from spirits.

I like to say that I act as the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world, with the intention of healing both worlds.

Another important distinction is that while psychic readings often focus on predicting future events, mediums primarily tune into past and present issues.

Predicting the future, helpful, runs the risk of disempowering people. Always remember that you do have a say in how your future unfolds. I am always explicit in my guidance on the free will of yours and that of others than can and will alter the course…..erm let’s take Coronovirus as our example.

Despite what any psychic or medium may “see” in your future, it is important to remember you were given the gift of free will when you came into this world, and at any moment in time you can absolutely redirect your course and create the life you want by changing your thoughts and actions. The human developes the ego exactly for this souls lesson in each incarnation.

Psychic information is an insight into what potentially could happen based on the road you are currently traveling—and it should be used only as a guideline to help you make the best choices for yourself. I will state openly, I receive and share many reviews years after readings telling me how things indeed came to pass and the accuracy of the path identified.

Just as in any profession, mediums have specialties and areas of expertise.

Allison Dubois in Medium works with the police in solving crimes. Melinda Gordon in The Ghost Whisperer helps tormented souls cross over.

Over the years, it has become very clear that my job lies in working with souls who have happily crossed over to the other side and, for the most part, are at peace. Sure, they may have regrets or unresolved issues, but they’re not haunted or lost.

And the souls here yearning for contact with their team in spirit and those crossed over.

My path would seem Souls growth regardless of the realm in which they sit.

Oftentimes, it’s the living that are not at peace. The main goal of your deceased loved ones and spirit guides is to assist you in moving on, free of grief and struggle, so you can fulfill your life lessons and enjoy your time here on earth.

Some people ask if I, much like a doctor, chose this specialty as my service. On a basic human level, the answer is no…it chose me. On a soul level I know this is what I signed up to do in this lifetime.

My responsibility lies in simply acknowledging and accepting what comes naturally for me, and embracing the calling to serve as a messenger for Spirit.

From time to time, it may be helpful to seek out the counsel of someone objective for guidance or connection with spirit, and/or to gain a clearer read on your life.

If a psychic, medium or any other intuitive healer speaks to you, I encourage you to set your intentions and then simply let go and go with the flow.

Spirit will guide you as to who and what is in your highest and best good in that moment. You will have heard me speak time and again, how I never ask why you seek a spiritual counselling session….

Well spirit brought you and they will tell you why.

There sweet friends is an insight into me and what is a medium.

With love, and thanks for your dear time reading these words.

Sleep tight, knowing you are safe and watched over.

Zowie xxx


Signs you may be a medium…

Dear Lightfilled Friends,

I will begin overtime to address the balance of my communications. Varying from soul guidance from Divine, to more in depth details of my readings along with evidential examples, Ask Away sessions…etc.

Today I’ll open a little further about one of my abilities and provide a little more information for your perusal.

You don’t have to be a professional medium to sense the presence of Spirit; anyone can have this ability.

There are two types of onset – one onset later in life, and one early on. It’s just a matter of when we open to it.

Are you opening to mediumship now? What follows is a list of mediumship symptoms that commonly present themselves when you begin to sense Spirits.

Taken alone, each thing on this list could require medical attention….trust me I wondered 🤪…but when combined with 15 or more signs, they could be signs of mediumship ability.

Wondering how to tell if you are a medium?

Check out the signs below –

🔥You’ve always had an interest and belief in the paranormal.
🔥You can walk into a room and feel pressure, heat, heaviness or emotions.
🔥You recall seeing or sensing Spirits as a child or know relatives or have.
🔥You had an unexplainable fear of the dark, either in childhood or now.
🔥You have an active dream life, including vivid nightmares or lucid dreams.
🔥You are woken up at night frequently and/or generally don’t sleep well.
🔥You’ve had that weird, creepy feeling in old buildings, cemeteries, or in places of trauma.
🔥You’ve seen things out of the corner of your eye: white smoke, sparkles, shadows, figures.
🔥You’ve always had an interest and belief in the paranormal.
🔥You can walk into a room and feel pressure, heat, heaviness or emotions.
🔥You recall seeing or sensing Spirits as a child or know relatives or have.
🔥You had an unexplainable fear of the dark, either in childhood or now.
🔥You have an active dream life, including vivid nightmares or lucid dreams.
🔥You are woken up at night frequently and/or generally don’t sleep well.
🔥You’ve had that weird, creepy feeling in old buildings, cemeteries, or in places of trauma.
🔥You’ve seen things out of the corner of your eye: white smoke, sparkles, shadows, figures.
🔥Someone close to you has died, and you’ve been experiencing a lot of odd things.
🔥You hear voices and have convinced yourself it’s nagging thoughts, overactive imagination, or things you just made up.
🔥You’ve pretended conversations with animals: cats, dogs, wildlife (these are not pretend!)
🔥You’ve been getting bad anxiety from out of nowhere, having a hard time breathing.
🔥You hear strange noises other rooms when no one else is there or home.
🔥You don’t like to be alone especially at night.
🔥You’ve felt watched
🔥You, or someone you’re related to, has pointed out Spirits or paranormal experiences they’ve had.
🔥You’ve had paranormal experiences yourself that you can’t entirely explain.
🔥Electronics, appliances, lights, and TVs all tend to go out or flicker around you.
🔥You have a habit of delivering Spirit smackdowns: profound lengthy manifestos to others, then after the words leave your mouth, you have no idea where the information came from.
🔥You’ve developed a nervous twitch and it’s been getting worse.
🔥You’ve taken prescription pills, drugs, alcohol, doused in essential oils to avoid any of the above.

If 15 or more of these things check “yes…”
You may be a medium and there are perks….even if simply finding a car parking space, or getting a great discount at the shops.

You aren’t alone.

And you may find it helpful to know that what you are experiencing is fairly common, and you aren’t alone.

Lots of people from all over the political, religious, age, class, race, industry spectrum have pulled me aside to talk about their connection to Spirit. It’s just something no one wants to discuss publicly because they’re afraid everyone will think they’re crazy.

Thankfully, this is getting better as more and more people come out of the closet. A lot of completely well-rounded people can see, feel and hear through the veil from time to time.

Though it’s true: it’s not something always easy to get used to at first, but over time, trust me – it grows on you.

The beauty of this ability is that you don’t necessarily need to do anything with it besides embrace it, develop it to the point where you’re aware of it, and then let it enrich your life in whatever way you want it to.

With love, now and always
Zowie xxx

How I work…here’s evidence for you to enjoy

Good Afternoon my Friends

My team in spirit and I have been busy today once again, thankyou to those who choose me.

This afternoon, a brand new client to me booked 2 back to back sessions.

First a spiritual counselling reading, then a Mediumship reading.

Apart from time and date being scheduled the type of reading required, I ask no further details.

There is a fine in choosing what to share and keep details private to the client. So please know there is much further accurate detail that would be wrong for me to divulge.

Her reading and her comments was peppered with ‘wow’, ‘I cant believe this’ and ‘ omg’. All for the highest reasons.

My abilities here you’ll see, span remote viewing using clairvoyance identifying her living space, then all clairs identifying her need for working with me today. So I felt on body areas she had concerns with on her body, I used my shaman abilities to heal immediately what could he taken away…then advised what to do for other ailments.

Then using clairaudience I described what spirit needing to identify all that was occurring in her life.

Then I detailed all that was occurring with her young son. We gave clear guidance on how it felt for him and how her and her husband can better help him.

She granted me permission to check in with him….immediately upon doing so I felt how he feels in the nose and throat. We identified for her that he suffers from allergies which they do not realise affect him so.

His diagnosis has been given as a cover all. Thus symptoms he need not suffer being left unseen.

We then identified brand new channels to help him, from a local centre, to a need in change in diet to the correct resource to study.

Phew….then into our second session.

Her Mom. In she came, and she identified herself immediately. A small example I have provided for you.

I have begun a new and so achieving new followers daily. And new clients booking in. Of course I understand you’ll have questions….so ask them and as soon as I can I’ll answer.

In time I will schedule a post where people can ask about what I do and how I do it if there is interest.

Today again I am humbled and grateful to be a conduit between 2 realms.

With love, now and always

Zowie xxx


Her Dads life ended suddenly…leaving more questions than answers. He came, cap in hand…

Dear Friends

I know many of you are intrigued by spirit and their existence. More still the communication with them.

So I share how I work often. Only impersonal and anonymous aspects of the reading. I am always grateful and happy to post testimonials and reviews, where then clients can divulge what they wish.

This lady is no stranger to loss. I read for her the first time 5 years ago when her nephew tragically left his human.

This reading was with her Dad. Not before 3 sassy women made themselves known first…a cousin and 2 young teenage girls whose lives where taken by cars.

I knew none of this prior to our session. I knew she wished to connect with her Father but that is all.

After the women all took charge and identified themselves so she knew it was them…we were in danger of them taking over.

This then needs a choice. For her Dad was hanging back, head down….holding his cap in hand.

I asked the ladies to leave us and I then only dealt with her Father in spirit.

I spoke yesterday on a 2 hour reading where I felt…odd, incomplete.

It wasn’t until today that I understood why. I have a connection with anyone I read for.

I care, truly. This is why I am lucky to have many who walk next to me in this journey with spirit.

I always check on clients the next day, to check in. The impact in having a reading with me…is widespread. Not only the content but also the physical feeling of having such a strong spirit presence.

I checked on her upon waking.

She was amazed by her reading with me, the detail..knowledge and accuracy. She needed answers and she has them.

So why did I feel off. My human wanted to give a reason. A reason why this souls human had acted as he had, why he made the choices.

I wanted to take her hurt away, I wanted…..redemption I guess.

I have always maintained my truth and honour when working with spirit. I am a conduit.

A messenger. A human wire transferring energy.

I did just that.

I now am at peace with my humans feelings around this…..and she steps back.

There is such love and redemptive occurring from the reading, because of the reading. He can release. She can process and make choices with the information he gave.

Each now lovingly has more than they had when he passed away.

There will always be the phenomena of humans trying to fit spirit into human boxes. They won’t fit, because they can’t. Aren’t meant to.

With love sweet souls. Tonight send love to those in the universe…for their are always those worse off.

Zowie xxx