Her ability is…impeccable


It’s been a very busy day over here in spirit world. I’ve worked in Texas with Brenda….a lovely lady whose had many readings with me…

And today many times she said….it happened as you said…

That’s one of the reasons she keeps coming back as and when needed. Her growth today….well it was like dealing with a different human. She has over come a huge experience in this lifetime….And is better for it. Surviving the breakdown of a long term marriage…the betrayal…And all that entails.

Then it was to another part of America for a new client, a lovely man who in fact read with me yesterday and then again today.

His spirit team stepped in…And he was guided to me. His journey holds many facets…In 2 days though we showed how some not so pleasant actions were being taken to fool him. Scam in, a sport for money. In the name of love….

Then an Akashic record reading….my first in nine months…And the past life uncovered was enlightening and extraordinary.

So a busy day for me and those in spirit who work with me. As always thankyou I am blessed.

With love xxx
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Wednesday 15th August 2018


In this moment you need acknowledge you are not alone.

Angels remind you that you have your very own unique Guardian Angel.

Today they know you simply need to feel them, that you are not alone.

So, this is what we shall do.

When you have a small moment make an energetic connection with this post.

Simply put a comment in place. Be it a word or a smiley matters not. Those working in this way with me before will know that a ‘Hi’ will suffice.

Then please sit in stillness, close your eyes and breathe. As you breathe your guardian angel will make their presence felt. An energy…around the face, head body….a feeling like no other. Intense love from around you and within you.

And then…you will feel that you are not alone.

Please of course let us know how things felt for you if you wish. Often the intensity causes an emotion and a need to share…validate. For me…I still have a rise of emotion which brings me to tears every single time.
With love xxx
#spirituality #spirit #spiritual #light #lightworker #sourceenergy #angels #meditation #consciousness #loa #awakening #quoteoftheday #psychic #psychicmedium #medium #words #clairvoyant #lawofattraction #zowie #poetry #healer #readings #mediumship #quote #zowiecarr #walkswithfire #love #light #lightfilled #soul #universe



My readings today have all encountered the need to explain that experiences were being encountered by their spirits choice.

That often these lessons chosen for this soul in this lifetime, in this human incarnation will mimic aspects of experiences in previous lives…that of human or species.

That the intent is to overcome, yet human life is chosen as the school for many reasons. The lesson to your spirit self is vital to growth, for…learning of self spirit and those incarnate and inspirit who cross or share you path.

You may experience de ja vu…or you may simply repeat this same occurrence time and again in this lifetime.

The key, you’ll always intend to overcome. There are no booby traps. Spirit, divine the universe does not trick you. But the lesson of learning and learnings so essential….that they will not come easily. For the human you are born to…Will born to a set of humans…who have been chosen for reasons…both for their path and yours.

Levels of awakening depend on levels of ascension in spirit families and further ascension.

As humans we read this as hierarchy, that is not so child. There is no heirarchy in divine.

Some humans are ready for this knowledge and seek more. This knowing and even a gnawing for a greater understanding….this is no coincidence. When the time is right if intended you will be guided to those who can enlighten you.

To remind you. To connect you. To channel the essence, the energy, the detail and the knowing.

So…if you find yourself maybe here…on my page…or that of another who seems to fit you. There is no coincidence.

Be it 1 or 200k, it matters not. I know many who followed me in my first phase are beginning to find me here, and that’s as it should be. Paths crossing for the benefits of both.

I have been asked a couple of times…Zowie you must be so sad that you lost 200k followers…. I didn’t lose them. Our time for crossing was complete. They may re cross, they may not.

All is well as it is intended. If you find yourself sharing your times with me in sessions, that’s fine. If you feel not, that’s fine also.

All will occur as it’s intended.

And so…in a small post I hope this gives a tiny insight into the matrix we exist.

With love xxx

Tuesday 14th August 2018


Oh it’s been a little tough hasn’t it. You have tried very hard to pick self up, dust you off and begin a new day.

And then…it seems you can’t get a break for something knocks you back again. Be it personal life and family, be it professional life and work…or simply it seems wrong time wrong place. You just can’t seem to get a break. It seems the universe is working against and not for.

Child often what we vibrate doesn’t have minds label. By this we mean, you may have decided how you think you are vibrating and labelled it…’s highly unlikely that you are.

Energy isn’t controlled by the mind. Your spiritual energy is affected by the slightest nuance.

This is not a time to seek advice from others.

This gives your power away as it puts your choices in someone else’s hands, and will be tainted by their own life experience, which is completely different than yours.

Keep your dreams and make the choices that feel light and right for you, always asking that they be of the Highest Good for all involved.

If you need to be heard, try journaling or talking to someone unbiased, or seeking guidance from your team in spirit.

Take a class or seek a spiritual teacher, or choose books that remind you of who you truly are. If you have lost track of your inner life, it is time for inner reflection. If you are afraid to begin the journey of self, then hold the hand of those in divine.

We remind to look within, to our own inner strengths and talents. There is something important that will be revealed if you take the time necessary to search for it.

It lies in your truth.

Remember that it is your environment that affects the DNA, light and love encourage the healthy patterns within your genes to be activated.

Learn to apply positive thoughts, feelings, and actions to old habits of negativity. Become responsible for creating an environment of joy and health.

Circle around again into yourself. Truth.

With love xxx

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