A restart is not an erase. Angels come to help you, heed their words, request and accept their help.

Dear time travelling friends,

Much has occured walking through your time here…it has taken many turns of the clock to travel, to build, to layer. Your human has become the master of time.

Child do not be so quick to wish for time to restart. A restart, a wiping away of what’s gone before.

Things have become tough, you ponder on a restart. A fresh do over.

Time changing does not suck you away from all displeasure and pain, leaving behind all that sparkles to the eye of ones human.

A restart is not an erase.

We cannot change what has gone before in times now old, but we can indeed alter the path of times to come by seeing clearly our paths presented, crossed and experienced.

Seeing clearly. Seeing your whole self clearly through yoursouls loving eyes. Of what time travelled has held and what you have in this moment.

This moment is your restart.

Reflect. Accept. Release.

And breathe….breathe as many have learnt with me.

Set your energy. Allow your Spirit Guides and Angels to aid you. For they truly wish your request. They wait.

They wait to help you be in this present moment. Where acceptance and knowing of the past, and gratitude for all that has gone….even if you simply be grateful you still stand. Even if you are only grateful that you still stand for others. There is moments of past which you can be grateful for.


Take the much needed pause, the healing.

Now step into the new time zone Being the energy, the vibration you seek.

Be what you most need. Neither a restart, a fresh start a clean slate….time is not matter.

Just being in this present moment is what you most need.

Let in this moment, soul lead.

Simply Be.

As you read these words make a connection, a comment or sign.

Then absorb and feel. You will feel spirits energy around you, within.

Your allowance to connect is the sign needed for angels, spirit guides to help you.

Take pause. Breathe. Simply Be. Feel.

Close the eyes in this very moment, put your feet upon nature or take a shower as you do this.

Feel the welcome clearance of cloying past negative energies.

Now begin. Whether by thought or action, no matter…just begin.

Your day will now be more than it was.

With love

Zowie xxx


Here is why people choose me…

Greetings My Sweet Friends

Let us begin the today slightly differently. Not with direct guidance, but still a conscious message direct from your whole self. Your higher self.

A reminder. There is so much more than you think.

Her words on her session with Me, the meeting of a Father, a Grandfather and a Grandmother whom are now not living on this planet……it does – should spark a light within you.

Take her spark, your spark. And light your flame for the day.

I remind you of this, the reading is via messaging. She in Canada, me in the UK.

Believe in the unbelievable and it could just be unbelievable

With love

Zowie xxx


You wanted to know what a group meditation is like with me…..I asked them to tell you themselves

Keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

Meditating is wonderful please continue.

Meditating with me and my team is entirely different.

In effect I open a portal. How is it different….Read their words lazy bones. Each experience is unique.

You are delightfully unique.

Keep em peeled.

With love

Zowie xxx


I do more than speak to dead people

Dear Friends

I switch between right brain and left brain. Like a typical Gemini I live a life of push and pull.

In short…I don’t do vague. Which when spending equal time in other realms can prove a challenge.

Without evidence, proof…even I wouldn’t believe in the things I do.

So don’t you either.

I try to balance the sharing of free guidance, to readings, to development…along with showing clear evidence of how I work.

I rarely share my healing or shamanic skills. In my last readings it played a small part. Yes…a small part for the main was spiritual counselling. Life now, and where it leads…how to defunk. Why were they in a funk…for how can you even help yourself if you’ve no idea why you sit there.

So yes…an hour and a half reading scheduled. 10 mins on the physical body. Point is this. I identified it, and then eased it from a distance but then detailed a 3 week program that should in fact see the ailment gone.

Now. Of course I am not a medical doctor. I am clear on this. I advised the need for a professional in 3 weeks if the tools given do not solve the ailment.

No I am not a medical doctor.

Also I am not some self infected ego calling myself a healer giving wishy washy healings charging a fortune…simply to self inflate an ego.

No that I am proud to be not.

So…I share for this reason. I may not be for you, granted. But who you chose should prove they are able. You would not allow a medical doctor without the required evidence of ability touch you… please for the love of all things in spirit…don’t allow wishy washy people do wishy washy things to your human.

So be it

With love

Zowie xxx


Attitude of Gratitude, not words of platitude

Greetings Dear Friends

Walk into your day very well.

‘Attitude of Gratitude’.

Drop the mike 🎤.

Anyhoo…yeah yeah Zowie…all bloomin week you’re telling us, be thankful. We get it.


Uh huh.


No …you do absolutely not get it.

Saying thankyou, yet not being thankful.

Acting Kind, yet not being kind.

Pretending loving nature, yet scorn sits behind the surface.

Confused….yeah the universe too.

Time to work on you, all of you. Check yourself out and check in.

You muddy your very own waters even more so with mixed messages.

Greater benefit would be felt matching your energy and thoughts to your actions and words.

What do I mean…

Well, if you do not like someone, don’t act like you do.

If you don’t feel kind, don’t act it.

Your ego will struggle with this. Of course it will, taken quite the time to develop such a great skill.

What an amazing mask created you have….but a mask it is. And fake it is. Confusing it is. Suffering of you ultimately it is.

Souls and spirit do not have a word for pretend.

Why would we… You are what you Be.

The muddiness of confused fake human presenting dual messages to the universe will result in your human receiving odd, fake, intangible messages from the universe. 🎤

Now we ask you take moments of being. You have dropped the Mike on your human, called it out.

Change can happen right now. You wish and plead the Universe gives you delight, gives you help in areas of want….then we suggest you start clearing your waters.

We receivith what we giveith.

Walk into your day with an ‘attitude of gratitude’…the choice of attitude and your humans approach is entirely yours.

Child take down the mask, for its quite ugly.

With love

Zowie xxx