How I work…here’s evidence for you to enjoy

Good Afternoon my Friends

My team in spirit and I have been busy today once again, thankyou to those who choose me.

This afternoon, a brand new client to me booked 2 back to back sessions.

First a spiritual counselling reading, then a Mediumship reading.

Apart from time and date being scheduled the type of reading required, I ask no further details.

There is a fine in choosing what to share and keep details private to the client. So please know there is much further accurate detail that would be wrong for me to divulge.

Her reading and her comments was peppered with ‘wow’, ‘I cant believe this’ and ‘ omg’. All for the highest reasons.

My abilities here you’ll see, span remote viewing using clairvoyance identifying her living space, then all clairs identifying her need for working with me today. So I felt on body areas she had concerns with on her body, I used my shaman abilities to heal immediately what could he taken away…then advised what to do for other ailments.

Then using clairaudience I described what spirit needing to identify all that was occurring in her life.

Then I detailed all that was occurring with her young son. We gave clear guidance on how it felt for him and how her and her husband can better help him.

She granted me permission to check in with him….immediately upon doing so I felt how he feels in the nose and throat. We identified for her that he suffers from allergies which they do not realise affect him so.

His diagnosis has been given as a cover all. Thus symptoms he need not suffer being left unseen.

We then identified brand new channels to help him, from a local centre, to a need in change in diet to the correct resource to study.

Phew….then into our second session.

Her Mom. In she came, and she identified herself immediately. A small example I have provided for you.

I have begun a new and so achieving new followers daily. And new clients booking in. Of course I understand you’ll have questions….so ask them and as soon as I can I’ll answer.

In time I will schedule a post where people can ask about what I do and how I do it if there is interest.

Today again I am humbled and grateful to be a conduit between 2 realms.

With love, now and always

Zowie xxx