What will you choose? To be overwhelmed by all that hasn’t happened…or inspired by all that has.

Hello my lovely friends,

In this moment stop.

There is a rolling, broiling gentle momentum of anxiety and fear taken a subtle residence in your human.

It’s been gaining a strong hold for a while now. It’s a silent, cloaking fog which can find your human feeling quite numb at times. A feeling of oddness, that can’t be pinpointed.

Change is a foot. Our human ego is not a number one fan of change, and would simply rather….not.

As natural as breathing our humans ego can and will bring about a fear based on events and outcomes that haven’t occured, and aren’t real.

Maybe you start a new job….what if I can’t do the work?

But you’ve been in this line of work for years…’yes but maybe the tomato sauce they use to coat their beans just looks like tomato and it isn’t really, and I’ll order the wrong ingredients and ruin the whole production for this period? Then I’ll walk into the canteen and everyone will know, and then they’ll notice I didn’t polish my shoes…and all point and laugh at me…yeah this is a sign, not for me.

I’ll stick with my job that I’ve been in for 15 years, yes I’m treated like wallpaper, yes I get passed over for promotion time and again, yes the money is a struggle…..but hey ‘better the devil you know’ 🤷‍♀️’

Bizarre…Zowies lost the plot on her return…well extreme example maybe…but check yourself as I guarantee your ego is certainly doing a version of this.

Simply take a breath. As you breathe in feel all you have achieved, as you breathe out manifest your sweet love and inspiration that you are.

Today, in reading this guidance, there is no hiding. What will you choose…to be overwhelmed by all that hasn’t happened…or inspired by all that has.

I will look to all that has gone before me, and goodness me…if I did it then – I can damn well do it again…and I’ll grow it larger, in love and light to reach more souls who seek a place where spirit can make sense.

The trust in me, bows to the trust in you.

For now, with love
Zowie xxx


She found the bruise 😉👍…my team in spirit will help me give you every available reason to trust me and them…


Her is yet another evidence slide to show you how I work. Take a read if intrigued…if not, no worries more will find you when you most need it.

At the beginning of her session yesterday I had described the physical space around her, and I showed you slides yesterday detailing my exact messages from her reading. This gives and allows immediate trust in my abilities and my connection with spirit, and puts any lovely client at ease. As the reading progresses and guidance for things to come are given…things become intangible. You are going to have to trust. So my team in spirit on this occasion gives current physical evidence to reaffirm our abilities. We even give a days delay.

It enables trust when doubt may set in.

My readings cover a lot. I hear my clients say that they refer back to them time and again as more and more unfolds into reality.

I always ask clients to take time with their reading, read it through again when it feels right.

With this lovely soul it was the next day. And at 2.10pm…I received her message.

I found the bruise…..its huge.

No 🙏✌❤😉 sherlock xxxx I knew you would.

I hope you enjoy seeing snippets of how I work, or should I say how they work. I am but simply the wire the energy travels through 🙏.

With love dear ones

Zowie xxx


She was guided to ask her family in Italy to be mindful of their planned movements, so they would trust our words… a woman was described wearing a bandage on her ankle….of which she had no prior knowledge…read on if intrigued


Hi there,

I know how hard it is to believe there is an energy in the universe that humans cannot see or hear or feel or acknowledge with their current physical being.

This is not the post to explain in detail how spirit exist within and among us, but to help you believe in those who can bridge the gap between spirit world and the world of the human, I have always shared evidence of my abilities at work.

This lady simply posted a comment on my instagram post of yesterday, and as I read it a connection takes place…and well you will see my comments that followed.

This morning she confirmed indeed I was correct.  That also a lady did have a poorly ankle and did have a bandage as I described.  All of which prior to investigating and sharing the guidance her loved ones in spirit had for her family, she was unaware of.

This is the beginning of a new time for me as I bring spirit to those who cross my path.  So there will be much more evidence to follow.  For now if you seek more…check out the testimonials page on this site.

With love for now and always

Zowie xxx