Get it done.

Dear Glorious Natural Friends

This lovely animal entered my spirit team today….she has guidance.

Synchronised timely with Bucks full moon yesterday, which combined today sets your course this new lunar phase.

Harness everything available to humans. Do not think on just Angels, or therapists, or Doctors, or Tarot, or Astrology….BE open. Yes the new moons energy, yes to guidance from source…yes to your own personal influences.

Harness everything. And now listen.

She is calm and firm, gracious yet determined. Her words…spot on. On point.

She is leading by example, I follow too….I don’t just chuck out the advice ya know ūüėČ

In general, the focus of antelope meaning is action.

Therefore, now is the time to act!

There is a new path on offer, use your keen eyesight to find the way.

Antelopesy symbolism reminds you to make your decisions wisely by using your instincts rather than your intellect.

Follow your gut feelings and quickly make up your mind.

In fact, you can adapt to any situation right now so that you can move forward with your purpose.

Today she and I will not use many many words. Words you can get lost in, overthink, come full circle and pat your ego on the back.

Why….action. Instinct, then Action.

So close yours eyes.

Take a moment.

Just one.

It’s likely her eyes will simply appear in your mind.

Now snap…eyes open.

Get bloody going. Action.

I did. The benefit ripples beyond the immediate, as will yours.

Come on, spit spot. Today set your intention for action. At least on tangible choice made.

Share if you wish.

With love

Zowie xxx



Breathe, allow the immediate reaction…and now choose the reaction which loves you the very most


Dear Sweet Soul

Your human is fast.  The developed ego faster still.  Today occured an event of no great proportion, yet your ego reacted as if a tidal wave hit.

Your first reaction allowed, understood.¬† Expected.¬† Now then….breathe.¬†¬†

Let your soul cradle you, soothe you….allow you to truly see that nothing major has altered.¬† Allow your fears and thoughts to wash away…let that be the tidal wave.

Souls reaction, darling child it matters not.  Leave it with them.  

Guaranteed peace sits with souls reaction.

The choice however is of course yours…

Now…love them from where they are at….and hand the pissed off emotion, the angry reaction back to ego.¬† To take it back to the experience or the person.¬† For today….nothing of great import has occured.

With love 

Zowie xxx


TODAY – where I’m off to with spirit

Child you hide behind words.

Hello Sweet Soul Practising Friends,

Saying you wish for a fresh start…or saying you are ready for the next steps in your chosen career or interest or hobby…..

Does not create the fresh start.

You say these words to placate you…maybe others….ultimately you.

The words mean, soon. I’m planning for it….I’m waiting for the right time…..the universe will hand it to me soon.

Nope. You hide behind words.

And whilst you hide….Simply nothing.

Not a thing will alter.

Which Angels gently remind of, yet your team in spirit are a little more forceful with their view.

So….spit spot. Face it head on.

If you want a new, in some way, then peek a boo. Stop hiding behind laters and maybes and soons…plans, charts, to do lists.

Actively begin the research, you’ll be guided to the next steps and then helped along the way.

Of course the guidance is for Me too…..I hear and have now altered my day accordingly.

There is so much more to learn. So today child, whatever the matter is you’ve been convincing yourself with words that in fact you are doing….well time to step out from behind your book of hiding.

Realise what you have been doing and make a choice. Are you being truly honest with your words or do they wear the mask of excuse, procrastination…fear.

With love for now, I’ll leave you with you

Zowie xxx


Be, don’t try to become