Thursday 4th March 2021

Dear Sweet Friends
Today’s guidance foretells of changes coming about sooner than expected through unexpected ways and means.
Trust that these changes will enhance and enrich your life and will also bring you into perfect alignment with your life purpose and soul mission
Your spirit self’s entire purpose for this soul in this humans incarnation.
Be open and receptive to guidance and maintain faith and trust that these changes are taking place for your highest good. 
Please maintain a positive attitude about making important changes in your life as your thoughts and beliefs are being manifesting into your reality.
Do not make your choices about how you live your life based upon the beliefs and values of others.
Instead, look within and make the decision to live by your own values and principles. Be true to yourself and walk your own path. And od course walkwithspirit 😉
When you live from a place that reflects who you truly are, the Universal Energies will come together to help and assist you. Working in balance and harmony with all Universal energies available to us.  Combining and utilising deterministic and free will.
Stay optimistic about current changes and trust that all is going to Divine plan and adapt to changes gracefully.
If you can imagine your dreams and live as if it were already a reality, you will find that the Universe lines up events and opportunities until that dream becomes a reality in your life.
Here in one small card of guidance many will skip over.  I hope thou doesn’t.  Here this guidance is central, intrinsic and essential to all humans walking this planet as a great continuous choice of lesson and incarnation.
Read, re read. Pin it. Write it. Journal it.  Do which ever to not allow humans ego to pop it in the recycling bin for another day.
I am more available today, comment if you wish and I shall reply within the day of Thursday 4th March.
With love xxx
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2 thoughts on “Thursday 4th March 2021

  1. My heart is begging my mind to take these words in and absorb them into my being as TRUTH. I am grateful for your message and newly found presence in my life and feel led to work with you. Thank you for lifting us up in such a time as this.
    Love and lightxx


Love and Light 💖

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