Her Dads life ended suddenly…leaving more questions than answers. He came, cap in hand…

Dear Friends

I know many of you are intrigued by spirit and their existence. More still the communication with them.

So I share how I work often. Only impersonal and anonymous aspects of the reading. I am always grateful and happy to post testimonials and reviews, where then clients can divulge what they wish.

This lady is no stranger to loss. I read for her the first time 5 years ago when her nephew tragically left his human.

This reading was with her Dad. Not before 3 sassy women made themselves known first…a cousin and 2 young teenage girls whose lives where taken by cars.

I knew none of this prior to our session. I knew she wished to connect with her Father but that is all.

After the women all took charge and identified themselves so she knew it was them…we were in danger of them taking over.

This then needs a choice. For her Dad was hanging back, head down….holding his cap in hand.

I asked the ladies to leave us and I then only dealt with her Father in spirit.

I spoke yesterday on a 2 hour reading where I felt…odd, incomplete.

It wasn’t until today that I understood why. I have a connection with anyone I read for.

I care, truly. This is why I am lucky to have many who walk next to me in this journey with spirit.

I always check on clients the next day, to check in. The impact in having a reading with me…is widespread. Not only the content but also the physical feeling of having such a strong spirit presence.

I checked on her upon waking.

She was amazed by her reading with me, the detail..knowledge and accuracy. She needed answers and she has them.

So why did I feel off. My human wanted to give a reason. A reason why this souls human had acted as he had, why he made the choices.

I wanted to take her hurt away, I wanted…..redemption I guess.

I have always maintained my truth and honour when working with spirit. I am a conduit.

A messenger. A human wire transferring energy.

I did just that.

I now am at peace with my humans feelings around this…..and she steps back.

There is such love and redemptive occurring from the reading, because of the reading. He can release. She can process and make choices with the information he gave.

Each now lovingly has more than they had when he passed away.

There will always be the phenomena of humans trying to fit spirit into human boxes. They won’t fit, because they can’t. Aren’t meant to.

With love sweet souls. Tonight send love to those in the universe…for their are always those worse off.

Zowie xxx


One thought on “Her Dads life ended suddenly…leaving more questions than answers. He came, cap in hand…

  1. Thank you Zowie xx I feel a connection with you and trust in all that you do. You help my soul and give me answers I would otherwise never have. You’ve taught me to meditate as well and I am thankful for all you do and have done. God bless you Zowie! xx

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