Archangel Michael comes to offer you release…all you need to is grant him so. Read on, his words follow.


Dear Delightful Friends

Release child. Allow yoursoul to release and let go of what no longer serves your human or your true aim and purpose in this lifetime.

Choosing to let go, will see the Universal response and divine aid. Everything you release will either be replaced by something better or will be returned to you healed.

Allow yoursoul to release and let go of what no longer serves your human

Easier said than done, I hear you.

First ego reaction. What would you know?

Second ego reaction. You’ve no idea what my life is like, you’ve got it easy. Sitting playing with spirit all day!

Third ego reaction.

Finished yet…..?

Maybe you are, maybe not.

You may come back with a few more immediate ego one liners.

Depends simply on how deeply entrenched your hurt, doubt and fear is buried. And that’s ok. I hear you, we hear you.

In fact the first step to release is voicing egos reactions, my lovely Nan would always say ‘better out than in’

Better Out than In

Joan Violet Beaumont

Let’s test….after all your one liners, all that’s now out – likely to vary from doubt, fear, anger, blame, finger pointing, self pity….do you feel better.

Have those reactions made you feel better….

If not you’re ready to release. To allow Yoursoul to release what doesn’t serve you or your purpose and in fact has you in hold.

On hold.

Release isn’t an easy effortless choice for humans…we like control.

Yet Yoursouls connection to all in spirit around you….can take care of the task effectively if granted permission.

Who grants permission…your whole self.

The permission may come easier if using another to help with the release and believing they can.

So now in this moment…close your eyes and breathe.

Hold Archangel Michael in your anyway you choose.

Be love. Channel love in everyway conceivable.

Now Child take a moment of stillness. A moment or as many as you can afford. Sit or stand or lay. The signal for his presence requested will be the closing of your humans eyes and holding his image in your thoughts. Now using your inner voice…ask him. Call to him.

Archangel Michael, I call upon you. I welcome and am mightily grateful for your presence. I surrender. Please release me of the worries and fears of [insert own words]. Please take this away from my human, it no longer serves me. Please take this away, and return to me healed in all manners exclusive to my unique truth.

ZowieCarr WalkswithSpirit / Archangel Michael

Ask him to release you, and stay here in this moment for as long as you find yourself.

You will be released.

How do I know? Experience. I use this time and again and he never fails me.

You will be lifted and feel lighter in this moment.

Of that I am assured.

In moments to come this healing will show itself. I look forward to hearing of your experiences in the future.

He will come to all and as many who ask, his reach is limitless.

With love

Zowie xxx



Embrace your change


Dearest Friends

I was concerned for my work and sessions have impacted my postings. I worried for I had not yet posted guidance from the Universal consciousness today.

I’m swiftly reminded, change has no timer, no alarm clock.

So let’s get you what you most need in this moment.

Souls goals are not egos goals. Unfortunately egos pain is first to be felt.

Ego finds change painful and has the ability to flinch. To make the human feel the pain as if it’s happened …to put it off from experiencing.

The thought of a plaster being ripped off a cut is far worse…than taking it off and seeing the wound healed.

Well at the moment to see the healing your ego is generating the feelings of multiple ripped off plasters. If you begin to peel the layers…take a peek…you’re in fact healing nicely.

Healing….not healed. Embrace the healing.

Child we’ve got you. These changes which ego retreats from in any manner, in fact hold the very greatest meaning and achievement for your souls growth.

Proof is in the pudding, today my clients and my time spent with them indeed showed me the proving time is essential….for my pudding was ever sweeter today.

With love brave one, we’ve got you.

Zowie xxx