Will you learn?

Dear Friends

Many cross your path intended to. They hold something you do not have.

Thinking you know it all removes a piece of your puzzle.

Think…how will I learn.

With love

Zowie xxx



Take our hand, then reach for another

Dear Sweet Delightful Friends

Thinking you are the strongest, the best, the only….when you are not…well it’s not strong at all.

Seeing this clearly in fact will in turn make you strong where it truly matters, where you most need the energy of strength.

In the relationship? friendship? workplace?

Look around at the greatest of humans, those who lead, who inspire all souls.

See others great wings on them and surrounding them. For the wise embrace moments of weak.

Times when souls bow to other souls.

Times when your soul bows and emits the calling energy of strength from those who can.

This strength from another is not weakness. They do not clip your wings child.

The beating of their wings is a call to yours. Enticing you to lift off the ground, for today flying is enough. They will lead the way. Fly in front, next to you and behind you.

And allow them to soar. And soar you shall to.

Today yoursoul speaks. If there is a shoulder you would benefit from, or hand out you keep allowing your ego to cast aside….maybe time to realise you aren’t the best, nor the strongest to see your human through this.

For you’re not meant to be. And it’s ok.

It’s a wondrous thing to see a bright light in another and be excited to learn…or to share a burden…. šŸ™

I, we wish today you heed the guidance and glory in the wisdom of your weakness.

With love

ZowieCarr xxx


A restart is not an erase. Angels come to help you, heed their words, request and accept their help.

Dear time travelling friends,

Much has occured walking through your time hereā€¦it has taken many turns of the clock to travel, to build, to layer. Your human has become the master of time.

Child do not be so quick to wish for time to restart. A restart, a wiping away of what’s gone before.

Things have become tough, you ponder on a restart. A fresh do over.

Time changing does not suck you away from all displeasure and pain, leaving behind all that sparkles to the eye of ones human.

A restart is not an erase.

We cannot change what has gone before in times now old, but we can indeed alter the path of times to come by seeing clearly our paths presented, crossed and experienced.

Seeing clearly. Seeing your whole self clearly through yoursouls loving eyes. Of what time travelled has held and what you have in this moment.

This moment is your restart.

Reflect. Accept. Release.

And breatheā€¦.breathe as many have learnt with me.

Set your energy. Allow your Spirit Guides and Angels to aid you. For they truly wish your request. They wait.

They wait to help you be in this present moment. Where acceptance and knowing of the past, and gratitude for all that has gone….even if you simply be grateful you still stand. Even if you are only grateful that you still stand for others. There is moments of past which you can be grateful for.


Take the much needed pause, the healing.

Now step into the new time zone Being the energy, the vibration you seek.

Be what you most need. Neither a restart, a fresh start a clean slate….time is not matter.

Just being in this present moment is what you most need.

Let in this moment, soul lead.

Simply Be.

As you read these words make a connection, a comment or sign.

Then absorb and feel. You will feel spirits energy around you, within.

Your allowance to connect is the sign needed for angels, spirit guides to help you.

Take pause. Breathe. Simply Be. Feel.

Close the eyes in this very moment, put your feet upon nature or take a shower as you do this.

Feel the welcome clearance of cloying past negative energies.

Now begin. Whether by thought or action, no matterā€¦just begin.

Your day will now be more than it was.

With love

Zowie xxx