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I don’t read cold…

Sweet friends,

Maybe you are new to me, my page, website…or maybe you have been with me for a long time.

Whilst I am working on a members area within my website, I am not actively reading for clients on one to ones.  I know there are many waiting.

Please trust and know that it is love that will not allow me to merge the two tasks.  I care too much to not offer the whole of me 100% when I am reading for you.

For a reminder though…I am still able.

I do not need to see you, speak to you, touch you, be in the same country or continent as you, nor ask your name nor details about you….for me to work for you spirituality.

Whether that be a spiritual counselling session…both past, present and future…whether that be a mediumship reading, a healing session, a spiritual teaching and development session, a chakra balance and aura cleanse, an akashic record reading….or a past life reading…to detail a few…. I don’t need details.

Just an energetic connection….and me and my team in spirit do the rest.  Readings are interactive and text based…meaning you have an evidential record.

Many many clients find this invaluable.  Sometimes even years later something mentioned comes true…that seemed entirely unlikely at the time…and they have that proof.

So, just a comfort message from me.  I will return to readings, I will make contact, I am still able 😘😉👍

The spirit in me bows to the spirit in you.

For now, with love xxx

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This guidance is golden..

My loving friends,

These words are stuck on repeat from my main guide at present. He annoys me, and himself to be honest…what more annoying is he will change the tone from short and sharp…to bored…to sing song…for I’m afraid I too, fear what ifs.

This guidance is golden.

Never fear what ifs….

If you wish to picture him…well imagine an exasperating face, a folded arm, a told you so attitude, and a tapping foot. Oh…and an air of…uh huh so you share the words with others and yet I’m reminding you constantly…

Well yup. Thats your job. And this is mine.

He gets right on my nerves at times…can you tell.

Anyhoo…lets all try harder to overcome egos greatest weapon of fear…the almighty what if.

Just like the bogeyman…doesn’t exist. (Spirits in the dark..another story for another day..)

But what ifs….nope. Either IS or ISN’T.

For now, with love xxx

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Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Psychic

Set your frequency, not try to set A N Others

My dear friends,

Setting your vibration to hope another alters your course…its a tall ask.

I speak often of altering your vibration, setting the frequency to be all you seek.

I do not speak of trying to alter the vibration of another soul to do the work for you.

Mull over this one, everyone has free will and it generally takes something catastrophic for one human to fundamentally alter the path of another human.

You are here to realise your own frequencies for your own flight path.

For now, with love xxx

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How do you choose to educate your human…

My darling Friends,

I wish you very well in this moment, in all your moments.

Which chapter in your own unique book of education have you reached?

Maybe you are aware your human walks a path of lessons your spirit chose for this souls walk….maybe there is a light bulb flickering where you begin to realise the truth in my words and find yourself drawn to those like me…or others who help you awaken…maybe you’ve been hit by a bolt of lightening – finally getting what’s going on…

Life is a series of teachings which you have choice in accepting or rejecting, and choosing how to educate yourself into who you become.

For now, with love xxx
Zowie 🙏

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Hold your nose…be brave

My sweets friends,

You are swimming up stream. Clutching at the over hanging branch…scrabbling to find your footing. Fighting against the current.

Chuck me a surf board…might as well give that a try also.

There are times…that the universe sweeps in. That collectively we receive guidance that is apt to us all at once. Me included. So…here we go.

You are ready yet think you aren’t. You can do it but think you can’t. It will work but you think it won’t.

You’ve had many signs …many doors opened…yet you’ve teetered.

When you are that close and it’s so right and you’ve done all you needed to at this point in this incarnation…yet you may just not walk through the door which you intended and is meant for you….well then your spirit guides will work with the universe…. And you’ll find yourself being swept along with the current…things evolving, occurring and some may not seem ideal..yet others perfect.

Now it’s time to trust. Hold on…breathe…keep afloat….trust and know that all is occurring for your highest good and best self. We are only given what we need when we most need it.

Don’t worry if you can’t swim..spirit brings armbands.

The warrior in me, bows to the warrior in you.

For now, with love xxx
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Namaste my sweet Friends 🙏

It has been a while, and in love I hope those reading are very well.
An image in my world holds a story, I often decipher emotion, words and a story from one image that spirit shows me.

Today I had not planned to return to all things media. Yet my team in spirit have had enough, and the proverbial nudge has been given.

Simply a sign is all that some seek, I am told. So a sign I give. This image represents all I need to convey.

Over the coming days and weeks I will begin to post again more regularly. The writers block, over. A greater oneness in my whole self once again prevailing. A knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling and loving returned with the sole focus on others souls, leading.

Spirit has much to say. But as you know, I won’t be pushed around either. 🤣 one day I’ll write a book about the rows me and my lovely guides have…. I will return to readings at some stage in September, and I am aware of all the messages sent. I will take my time to respond in love, so please be patient. I also will resume the completion of the private social area on my website, those that have requested membership – please do not worry all will open in due time.

This new awakening of mine has me holding my breath. Something is coming and it’s time to grow again and reach more who are meant to cross paths. I hope you join me on this walk with spirit.

With love xxx

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Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Psychic, remote viewing

Update on Readings and Sessions

Dear Friends,
There are many of you who have made contact with me requesting details of my readings and Sessions…or knowing what you want and pressing for a date in the diary.
Firstly I am blessed and grateful for your contact and trust to bring spirit guidance to you.
Secondly please know I do not take lightly the courage it takes to reach out and that often you have waited in the wings before making contact.
I know you need the time with spirit and it may seem that in my lack of contact or reply that this is a sign or a lack of care and love on my part. It is not. I love and care for all souls. Each special.
To say there are many to respond to, puts it lightly. I work all over the world.
So hence the reason for my post.
I am working intensively and extremely hard developing a place where like minded spirits can join together at any time of the day, no matter where in the world, in a safe loving and kind space.
A place to interact, learn, ponder there own spiritual self, connect with others, develop…or simply feel safe in the connection and guidance.
This began as a small seed sown by my main spirit guide and an Ascended Master a few months ago. It has evolved and a few weeks ago I asked a question of my close followers if they would enjoy such a place.
The answer…a resounding yes…and some valid points and precursors raised.
I listened and have trusted my guidance, and what started as a small seed has become a budding Forrest! Well to me it seems as such…as I wrangle with coding and IT gumpf of which is certainly not my forte.
I know many have found already the members area I speak of and have tried to register…well done you. Don’t be disheartened….I will accept your request once the platform is ready for members to see it…grow it…and take us all on a new journey.
So back to the reason for my post….I care. I will in time respond to requests for readings, and if you still wish ..proceed with scheduling. For the time being I must focus and finish creating what has found it’s way into my path.
A members program with access for all, no matter.
In love xxx
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Can you hear or sense other people talking about you? That’ll be clairsentience and/or telepathy..

In the right circumstances and under the right conditions, clairsentients and hearing mediums can hear other people’s thoughts.

This ability is called clairsentience when used in communication with the other realm, and telepathy when used with others in this realm.

This can be ok when you are using these abilities intentionally, but if this is happening time and again and becoming intrusive to your daily life and energies then its time to take charge.

The first thing you will want to do is clear your energy, using a clearing meditation or a grounding meditation if you are well practised. Often an intentional meeting in the shower, or swimming…or a walk in nature with your spirit guides can do the trick. What do I mean…well during a quiet meditation speak to your spirit guides….set a meeting with your main guide…telling them why you want to meet and what you need help with. So…tomorrow morning in the shower, please will you come and cleanse my spiritual energy of all negative and low vibrational impacts that I am carrying around with me. Don’t knock it til you try it….its free and you are in charger without help from others…so give it a go.

If you require further help there are also numerous meditations that are available on YouTube and through other sources; just make sure it is a clearing and a protecting meditation that you use.

A clearing meditation helps to remove any current foreign energy and sounds from your immediate sensory space and a protection meditation helps prevent future intrusions. When you do both together over time, you’ll tend to hear random (non-specific communication type) voices less frequently, providing you, the hearer, with better peace of mind over the long-term.

Alternatively you may need an energy clearance session from someone like myself, who is able to clear and balance your energies and teach you how to protect yourself uniquely depending on the type of ability you have…or the places in which you are collecting these experiences. I have carried out many of these over the years all with varying levels of negative energies, from cords attached from a relationship or interaction with another….to a house where earth bound spirits have taken residence and creating havoc. I’m sure those who have had a clearing from me will come and tell you the impact in the comments section.

Just because you can hear the sound coming from another’s energy field, i.e a human, doesn’t mean you can control it or what it sounds like, but… you can control how it affects you, if you let it get into your energy field or not, and for how long. …hence being given the tools to protect can be a truly welcome break.

Hearing other people’s thoughts can be very distracting. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to block this sense, so you can do it when you need to, such as when you need to sleep and turn it off when it’s a bother.

Things that tend to block interfering thoughts are items that project a new, consistent energy field around a person, such as an air purifier, an ion diffuser, or even a sound machine…..I sleep each night with an oscillating fan turning…whether its hot or cold…it ensures pretty much my dreams are my own and I’m not interrupted or woken by spirit.

Doing clearing meditations once a day in the morning, and again at night, sometimes again mid-day, will also help keep the unnecessary voices out of your energy field.

If you keep hearing them from the same person, the second thing you will want to do is cut your cords from whoever’s thoughts you’re hearing. This is a psychic exercise.

Cutting your cords stops, at least temporarily, whatever connection you have with this person, and therefore, you stop hearing them. You also get a break from feeling their energy, too. It also reduces repeat intrusions from the same person, who may or may not be obsessive themselves. Again this is a skill you can use and develop over time or you may need further help….this will be an area that I cover in the coming weeks in the new members forum.

According to the Hearing Voices Network, anywhere between 7-10% of the population hears voices or experiences other phenomena, such as visions and other types of sensory perception.

So you aren’t alone in having to deal with this and that said, it’s important to note that not all negative voices are other people’s thoughts. In some cases, these thoughts people hear are low vibration obsessive spirits, who may have lingered in and if you think this is the case (it’s possible even if you never leave your home) please seek help for these spirits to be removed from around you, an activity which may further quiet any negative messages.

Firstly, try and clear them yourself of course, by asking them simply to leave. You will know if you require further help, and again this is a service I have carried out during sessions time and again. Once cleared…the energy is lifted and feels obviously lighter, cleaner and fresher.

Good moods and high energies restored in the home or workplace.

Note…if you are interested in all thing spiritual, then all things spiritual are interested in you 😉 Good practices are very important, safety first and foremost.

Regardless of the origin of the thoughts, hearing other people’s ideas isn’t always all bad.

Sometimes those with this ability will hear positive things people say about them, along with images that accompany these thoughts, and this is a nice experience.

It is also nice to have this ability active prior to meeting new people, as you may be able to sense any projected thoughts or fears others have about you.

This are what some others call first impressions – and because often they are fears, this is why they aren’t always right.

But now you know, so now you can clear these prior to meeting them, further improving the relationship – by using any grounding or clearing activity and protection techniques.

So to end, yes, sensing an oncoming thought of someone in and around your energy field is possible. It can be distracting if it gets out of hand, but you can clear it to focus, and there are even a few benefits to it – such as hearing the positive things others think about you. And often, if you are open enough, you will be able to feel the emotions that go along with this. That’s called clairsentience and is a sister sense of clairaudience, and an article for another day. 

With love xxx