Tortoise Spirit Animal brings your guidance today…easy, steady…will see the towel stay firmly by the ringside

Sweet Animal Loving Friends,

Today Tortoise in Spirit joins you as your totem. You need a little kick up the backside.

You do no wrong…yet. Your kick to the proverbial isn’t to mindlessly spur you on, panic you, rush you to completion. No, your kick is to wake you to being mindful in your moment.

And, slow down.

All fruits ripen in their own time.

Tortoise in spirit came through today. He brings wisdom and asks we pause to listen to his words.

Tortoise lives its life at a slow and steady pace. They don’t react crazily or do everything on an impulse. Tortoise think about what they do before they do it. It’s like they’re placing their lives on purpose, making them a great symbol for order and pacing yourself.

He guides that moving too quickly will only yield unripe fruit with a bitter taste. Slow down. Breathe. Meditate.

You’re not a human doing, you’re a human being. Just be.

Everything will work out if you can apply the brakes and become more aware of what’s happening in this moment.

A calm focus on the now, breathing in the beauty of your surroundings, will restore your power to consciously co-create your world.

All fruits ripen in their own time.

Just be for you are a human being not a human doing.

With love friends of tortoise

Zowie xxx


You are a human being not a human doing


What will you choose? To be overwhelmed by all that hasn’t happened…or inspired by all that has.

Hello my lovely friends,

In this moment stop.

There is a rolling, broiling gentle momentum of anxiety and fear taken a subtle residence in your human.

It’s been gaining a strong hold for a while now. It’s a silent, cloaking fog which can find your human feeling quite numb at times. A feeling of oddness, that can’t be pinpointed.

Change is a foot. Our human ego is not a number one fan of change, and would simply rather….not.

As natural as breathing our humans ego can and will bring about a fear based on events and outcomes that haven’t occured, and aren’t real.

Maybe you start a new job….what if I can’t do the work?

But you’ve been in this line of work for years…’yes but maybe the tomato sauce they use to coat their beans just looks like tomato and it isn’t really, and I’ll order the wrong ingredients and ruin the whole production for this period? Then I’ll walk into the canteen and everyone will know, and then they’ll notice I didn’t polish my shoes…and all point and laugh at me…yeah this is a sign, not for me.

I’ll stick with my job that I’ve been in for 15 years, yes I’m treated like wallpaper, yes I get passed over for promotion time and again, yes the money is a struggle…..but hey ‘better the devil you know’ 🤷‍♀️’

Bizarre…Zowies lost the plot on her return…well extreme example maybe…but check yourself as I guarantee your ego is certainly doing a version of this.

Simply take a breath. As you breathe in feel all you have achieved, as you breathe out manifest your sweet love and inspiration that you are.

Today, in reading this guidance, there is no hiding. What will you choose…to be overwhelmed by all that hasn’t happened…or inspired by all that has.

I will look to all that has gone before me, and goodness me…if I did it then – I can damn well do it again…and I’ll grow it larger, in love and light to reach more souls who seek a place where spirit can make sense.

The trust in me, bows to the trust in you.

For now, with love
Zowie xxx

Friday…make time to breathe and reflect on the week past

Sweets Spirit Souls,

It’s all been go go go, guidance recently all focused on striding forward and new beginnings.

Child it still is.

Yet growth of the mighty is wholesome and rounded.

Beginnings, steps forward…walking ahead..leaving the past and creating your future…

Do not mean being tunnel visioned.

Not looking left nor right and running whether it be dark or light mindlessly at full pace. All because you are in a period of excited, inspired and focused rapid growth.

That isn’t growth nor evolvement nor walking forward into new or beginnings.

That’s egos adaptation to your new of hiding.

We do not have gardens full of beanstalks.

A bean planted with a stalk that relentlessly grows and grows and grows and grows. No that was Jack’s story and his lesson of learning 😉

We do see plants and nature around us. We see them grow….in time.

Taking spurts of growth then periods of seemingly rest.

Taking time to grow into their surroundings.

Take heed from nature.

We ask you child to retreat and reflect…breath.

Then listen.

Water the week thats gone past.

Remind yourself of you, your whole being.

What is truly important? Why are things or actions occurring?

Sift through what’s real and what your ego threw in there to detract….breathe.

Reflect and deal with your real.

That is the truest growth, the truest walking towards forwards.

Nature present all around you shows you, open your eyes. Stop, sit with nature and learn from it’s great mother.

Angels will guide you and hold you.

Don’t know about you….but I love that hug.

With love, now and as you grow,

Zowie xxx


Today will be lighter with wings released…Child let us help.

My Sweet friends,

Hi. Good morrow to you.

No matter where you sit in your day – in the moment…left field…not even in the field 😁…

We cannot be soul led at all times, or we would be our spirit selves.

We are human. Well ok…thanks audience in my living room…I am writing this to a human audience. 🤫

We are humans, wondrous balance of body, mind, spirit. Personality, feelings and emotions felt. Our human a house for our soul and our ego. In harmonious balance they aid our walk in this realm.

We learn, we face.

It takes very little for any balance to be tipped on any scale.

A little unbalance can alter the outcome.

The precision in baking required, an example.

You may, in any moment, be soul led or ego led. This is natural, normal but a daily and moment by moment occurence. It is in fact one lesson upon incarnation we all share.

Very well done to us all….we have an assault course to travel and we do it balancing an egg on a spoon…on one leg.

No, it isn’t easy is it. You can find your mood, your outlook, enthusiasm, intent…alter. Unexpectedly. An ego creep. Nice Zowie, Ego creep – one for the book!

You can get in front of this ego creep. Do this little piece of magic, no matter where you are.

Close your eyes.

Inhale. On an exhale, release your wings. Inhale, and on an exhale feel, see and BE with wings of an Angel. We will come, you will feel us.

Now bat the eyelashes open…you’ll see things, people, places, events with angel wings.

It costs you nothing to view people in love, regardless.

It costs you everything, not to.

In seeing feelingly with love, no matter where you sit you will have love blanketing you.

Nothing, no thing will feel as bad as it did, and anything that felt great will feel greater for the right purpose.

The Angel wings in me, bow to the Angel wings in you all.

Breathe and release.

With love, now and always
Zowie xxx