With light

Goodnight light seeking friends

With light

Zowie xxx



There will come a point when darkness is too dark…now seek light. Angels come to help you.

Dear Friends

There are many types of dark places. From black holes to shadows in varying degrees of darkness.

Today I sat with me team in spirit. They wished me to bring forth the following guidance.

They wish to bring your attention to the grey.

Not all can be accomplished or tackled quickly. But, there is much you shy away from that you can indeed tackle. Seek the light, and damn well switch it on.

Look for the light….it’s there.

Can’t see it…call upon us child and ask for Angels to point you in the direction.

For egos choice or version of light isn’t always the real and true light, you may need some enlightening. And that just fine, its why we came.

You can’t choose your variation of light suiting ones humans needs right now.

There is that grey area, which walks next to you like an omnipresent cloud. Shows itself time and again, yet always there. And you know it.

Then every now and again it rumbles. And ensues a downpour.

Don’t worry you are not alone. Same thing happened to me this week. This particular grey cloud has been with me for at least 2.5 years.

I have seen it, ignored it, fought it with dodge games, tried egos attempt to beat it.

Yet never shone the light on it. Never seen why its there, and why intact I welcomed its presence and allowed it to walk with me.

Seems…although a huge area of anxiety for me, it being removed meant an acceptance and moving forward that my humans ego decided wasn’t right for me.

Well humans ego is and was wrong. But only this week have I, my whole spirit self (human and soul) been ready to shine a light on what really is occurring.

No games, no dodging, no anger towards the situation arisen.

Light of loving questioning, reviewing and understanding shone. Light of tools to decide do I wish this stay with me, or is it time for this grey cloud to leave me.

Now, and only now was I ready.

And so be it. I asked for help.

It is now done.

And goodness me, what a weight has been lifted.

Even disbelief I allowed such a cloud near me…let alone for 2 and half years.

As I speak of many times, and what I uncover with my team in spirit during spiritual counselling sessions ….we chose this humans path for many reasons of learning. That is why it walked with me. Ultimately it was meant to. How long it stays, how it repeats my whole self’s choice.

So if you wish help, you need help for light to be shone upon your dark space. Then my team bring Angels through and for your way in which to request help.

Step towards the light it will lift you and allow seeing more clearly.

Shine your light on your dark spaces

‘Dear Angels working for my spirits highest and greatest good, please show me the much needed light to aid me in these moments right now, to help me release this area of stickiness which has now become too much for me……(name your area of choice)…in love and in light, please shine the light bright and lead me by the hand. Release me from this dark area, take it away and return me the light to know now how to deal with (repeat and name area) Lovingly I thankyou’

So Be It.

With love

Zowie xxx