Daily Soul Guidance

Take a moment and breathe….each day a message is channelled through my spirit team for those who seek their guidance –

Sunday 11th November 2018


Easier said than done. First ego reaction. What would you know. Second ego reaction. You’ve no idea what my life is like, you’ve got it easy. Third ego reaction.

Finished yet…..

Maybe you are, maybe not. You may come back with a few more immediate ego one liners.

Depends simply on how deeply entrenched your hurt, doubt and fear is buried.

Let’s test….after all your one liners….likely to vary from doubt, fear, anger, blame, finger pointing, self pity….do you feel better.

Have those reactions made you feel better….

If not you’re ready to release. To allow yoursoul to release what doesn’t serve you or your purpose and in fact has you in hold. On hold.

Release isn’t an easy effortless choice for humans…we like control. Yet yoursouls connection to all in spirit around you….can take care of the task effectively if granted permission.

Who grants permission…your whole self.

The permission may come easier if using another to help with the release and believing they can.

So now in this moment…close your eyes and breathe.

Hold Archangel Michael in your thoughts..in anyway you choose. Be love. Channel love in everyway conceivable. Ask him to release you, and stay here in this moment for as long as you find yourself.

You will be released. You will be lifted and feel lighter in this moment. Of that I am assured. He will come to all and as many who ask.

With love xxx
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5 thoughts on “Daily Soul Guidance”

  1. I am being drawn to you because i am trusting my instinct in a relationship to be cured of abuse from the past but i am a free spirit and am aware that to do this i will have to break myself open to being very very vulnerable, the person promises to let me set the pace to intimacy and I know I have to do this , and i am going for it, My opinions in the past were not recognized, and I struggled forward unsupported and those feelings are coming up again, Thank god he is a spiritually aware person and an earth angel and spiritual seer who has been sent to me. Anything i need to know.. I am acting on blind trust in me and god.


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