Daily Soul Guidance

Take a moment and breathe….each day a message is channelled through my spirit team for those who seek their guidance –

Wednesday 15th August 2018


In this moment you need acknowledge you are not alone.

Angels remind you that you have your very own unique Guardian Angel.

Today they know you simply need to feel them, that you are not alone.

So, this is what we shall do.

When you have a small moment make an energetic connection with this post.

Simply put a comment in place. Be it a word or a smiley face..it matters not. Those working in this way with me before will know that a ‘Hi’ will suffice.

Then please sit in stillness, close your eyes and breathe. As you breathe your guardian angel will make their presence felt. An energy…around the face, head body….a feeling like no other. Intense love from around you and within you.

And then…you will feel that you are not alone.

Please of course let us know how things felt for you if you wish. Often the intensity causes an emotion and a need to share…validate. For me…I still have a rise of emotion which brings me to tears every single time.
With love xxx
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5 thoughts on “Daily Soul Guidance”

  1. I am being drawn to you because i am trusting my instinct in a relationship to be cured of abuse from the past but i am a free spirit and am aware that to do this i will have to break myself open to being very very vulnerable, the person promises to let me set the pace to intimacy and I know I have to do this , and i am going for it, My opinions in the past were not recognized, and I struggled forward unsupported and those feelings are coming up again, Thank god he is a spiritually aware person and an earth angel and spiritual seer who has been sent to me. Anything i need to know.. I am acting on blind trust in me and god.


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