TODAY – where I’m off to with spirit


What will you choose? To be overwhelmed by all that hasn’t happened…or inspired by all that has.

Hello my lovely friends,

In this moment stop.

There is a rolling, broiling gentle momentum of anxiety and fear taken a subtle residence in your human.

It’s been gaining a strong hold for a while now. It’s a silent, cloaking fog which can find your human feeling quite numb at times. A feeling of oddness, that can’t be pinpointed.

Change is a foot. Our human ego is not a number one fan of change, and would simply rather….not.

As natural as breathing our humans ego can and will bring about a fear based on events and outcomes that haven’t occured, and aren’t real.

Maybe you start a new job….what if I can’t do the work?

But you’ve been in this line of work for years…’yes but maybe the tomato sauce they use to coat their beans just looks like tomato and it isn’t really, and I’ll order the wrong ingredients and ruin the whole production for this period? Then I’ll walk into the canteen and everyone will know, and then they’ll notice I didn’t polish my shoes…and all point and laugh at me…yeah this is a sign, not for me.

I’ll stick with my job that I’ve been in for 15 years, yes I’m treated like wallpaper, yes I get passed over for promotion time and again, yes the money is a struggle…..but hey ‘better the devil you know’ 🤷‍♀️’

Bizarre…Zowies lost the plot on her return…well extreme example maybe…but check yourself as I guarantee your ego is certainly doing a version of this.

Simply take a breath. As you breathe in feel all you have achieved, as you breathe out manifest your sweet love and inspiration that you are.

Today, in reading this guidance, there is no hiding. What will you choose…to be overwhelmed by all that hasn’t happened…or inspired by all that has.

I will look to all that has gone before me, and goodness me…if I did it then – I can damn well do it again…and I’ll grow it larger, in love and light to reach more souls who seek a place where spirit can make sense.

The trust in me, bows to the trust in you.

For now, with love
Zowie xxx

We have your back…are holding your hand…Child, we are right here.


Dear love and light filled Friend,

I hope you wake from your sleep and travel through the universe of the night, with something new. Something greater, better than when you woke yesterday.  If nothing springs to mind, then your humans mind and ego had control of your humans down time.

Sleep time, night time is the closest most humans will come to interaction with spirit…be it humans passed on, guides, angels…and those from alternate universes.

Likely a more detailed post required on this for the future, mayhaps a question and answers session.  Let me know if you would like such a thing…comment below.

Lets take a step back to our first paragraph…upon waking from your humans downtime, the time the humans physical self is restoring and repairing its cells and tissues from the day previous…everything stills. Quiets, heals….the mind sleeps.  Here your soul leads, it reconnects with its whole spirit self…and then in they come.  Who they are…well that will depend on each individual entity…and your current human experiences, past and to come.

Some remember a proportion of their experience at night, humans call them dreams.  These are mulitfaceted, and a combination of your ego replaying experiences, thoughts, worries, fears, hopes and wishes as dreams.  Or they are a comination of your human ego and spirit using your dream to also combine a message, or they are entirely spirit communication.  So is there a message in the dreams you can recall, yes.  Is it always a profound spiritual communication….no.  It doesn’t mean at sometime in your humans slumber that spirit did not come, did not communicate with your soul….its simply your humans mind leads and remembers what it prefers you focus upon.

Again if this is an area of intrigue my lovely friends, then let me know, I will hold a session on the subject.  Similar to my ‘Ask Aways’ of old, my team will be able to help decipher the why and what happened as you snoozed.

So…upon waking I hope you are refreshed, rejuvenated, feeling a greater human today than yesterday and can determine why…if nothing springs to mind…take a moment.

Before you charge into your very own china shop, rushing at the day…take a moment.  Through your downtime, what today makes you greater than yesterday.  What are you grateful for, does anything now spring to mind?

Today my guidance comes from a collective of Guardian Angels.  They wish to reach out to you.  To let you know how much they love you.  You all have a Guardian Angel, whose love is complete, unconditional and all-encompassing.

You are not alone.  They are so very proud of you.  Of the toils you tackle in this human life.  There is nothing that you could have ever thought, said, or done that could ostracize you from your Divine helpers. They never judge or abandon you for the mistakes you make. The angels are simply here to support you so that you can spiritually grow and help others.

Every human has the devoted love of another, so now take your moment.  In wake, be still.

Close your eyes, and as you connect with me and this post my team in spirit will bring through your Guardian Angel.

You will feel them, around you, the energy palpable.  It may simply be that, a shift in the energy around you….or you may feel them as they touch you.  A hand to the head, or to the face as it is cupped, or to the lips as a kiss is blown…or the hands as they are held.  I have just experienced all of these sensations that your Guardian Angel will use to let you know of their presence.

For today, they come.  To remind you that as you wake you are greater than when you woke yesterday.  If for no other reason, than the knowing and trusting of this love…this alone will alter your today.

Namaste Sweet Friends,

With love, now and always

Zowie xxx


The power of forgiveness changes your future…


Sweet Friend, Good Morning

Finding yourself upon my guidance today is a sign.  Angels use many ways to lovingly communicate with you.

Calmly and in love Angels take your hand.  You hurt.  This hurt intertwined within layers of your human.  Times pass where you forget its there.

Child any item dug underground, takes but a few stokes of the spade to bring it closer to the surface.

Life will provide many spades…it may be a place, an event, a tv show, a song, a sound, the actions of another….and that buried hurt burrows its way back into your present.

You carry unhealed wounds and guilt from the past.  Although it is perfectly normal to feel hurt, the Universe is nudging you to move on to the next chapter in your life and this requires you to stop replaying unpleasant memories that pull you back to the past.

To move forward to the next level of spiritual growth, clear away any bitter feelings that influence your way of thinking and take away your personal power to progress in your life mission.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that whatever you put out in the Universe is returned to you. 

This means striking back at those who have hurt you will never bring peace to you and your family’s future generations.  Striking is not alone a physical action or a verbal action…but an emotional strike, mental strike, subconscious strike…are equally lethal, more so for many humans.

Those who have read with me before in Spiritual Counselling Readings will know I speak often that there is no coincidence that you are born to your family, and family to you.  That there will be common themes of lessons which travel through generations.  Each spirit purposely choosing the placement of this souls human existence.  So I shall repeat.

Striking back at those who have hurt you will never bring peace to you and your family’s future generations.

This includes disconnecting and closing your heart from the person who hurt you as your way of protection.  Keep in mind, disconnecting is a form of punishment when the person who hurt you is in need of forgiveness and only you can give it.  It is possible that you may fear going back to being powerless, if you forgive.

So the important message is to forgive in order to break free from the karmic cycle of resentment.

When you examine yourself, you might find that there is a part of you that is similar to the person you are trying to forgive.  It is often not liking, nor wishing to see this shared trait, that our reaction to the other is so heightened.  Egos choice of view for its own human, is perfection.  It prefers to be right.  It will do anything to avoid its own flaws, so distraction of heightened hurt and resentment to the other…comes quickly from its toolbox.

From this perspective this will help you recognize that you and the other person are not all that different.

So before you can forgive others you have to self-heal by releasing personal disappointment and taking responsibility for your own feelings.  Then you can bring compassion and forgiveness to yourself and others.

Above all, heed this child.

When people hurt you in your past they were doing the best they could in that situation with what they’ve learned.

Some people might be unkind, but bear in mind that they have not learned all their lessons yet.

This means they only know how to deal with life’s challenges with the ‘tools’ that they were given so far.

In the big picture of the Universe some of the people in your life story have small roles to play and others have much larger roles.  Regardless of who was playing the ‘good guy who made you laugh’ or the ‘bad guy who hurt you’ – understand that all characters are necessary for your souls growth.

When real forgiveness happens there is an energetic change that ignites the healing process within you and triggers a new beginning for both you and the other person.

Chains are broken and you become free.

Forgiving is the greatest gift to self, not someone else.

Take time with this, walking with this guidance will alter your future.  Do not allow ego to discard this gift before even holding the present.

And share….so many lovely souls will thankyou.

With love, now and always

Zowie xxx