Sunday 17th March 2019

Much has occured walking through your time here…it has taken many turns of the clock to travel, to build, to layer.
Child do not be so quick to wish for time to restart. Time does not suck you away from all displeasure and pain, leaving behind all that sparkles to the eye of ones human.
We cannot change what has gone before in times now old, but we can indeed alter the path of times to come by seeing clearly our paths presented, crossed and experienced. Seeing clearly. Seeing your whole self clearly through yoursouls loving eyes.
Reflect. Accept. Release.
And breathe….breathe as many have learnt with me.
Set your energy. Allow your Spirit Guides and Angels to aid you. For they truly wish your request. They wait.
Take the much needed pause, the healing.
Now step into the new time zone Being the energy, the vibration you seek.
Let in this moment, soul lead.
Simply Be.
As you read these words make a connection, a comment or sign. Then absorb and feel. You will feel spirits energy around you, within. Now begin. Whether by thought or action, no matter…just begin.
In love xxx