Divine Timing…The hours and days after a reading shows more and more details making sense, ringing true… especially when you too are the messenger for you Deceased Loved One.

Dear Friends

My readings are intensive and detailed, we fill your chosen time with me. Making the absolute most of your investment.

Both myself and my team in spirit wish to give you all you need in the present. This is the same for a mediumship reading, yet the one with messages is one or more of your loved ones.

And…well they will make the very most of the time they have. You see…they may never get the chance again.

Fabia had a spiritual counselling session booked, but her Dad had died when she was a teenager…and he stepped in. The session became a pure communication from Dad to daughter….with a quick visit from her cat and her boyfriends cat.

Now….when I say he took his chance, that he did.

He detailed not just information for Fabia, but for her Sister and her Mother. Which meant occasionally what I detailed in text to her….didn’t make sense.

Well it is now 2 days since her session. Each day she has messaged me, delighted. Amazed, and in awe.

In awe at the detail, the accuracy and at how things her Sister recognised as messages from her Dad for her.

And that he has told their Mum that he too, thinks she should have a coffee with another.

When I say what I do is Magic, I don’t mean its a trick….but light and loved filled healing magic.

In a tough world, everyone deserves some magic.

So take a read of her words below.

With love

Zowie xxx


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Love and Light 💖

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