Lauren’s words after many sessions with me…to say I am humbled by her words is an understatement 🌈


Testimonial – Jessica’s words after her Spiritual Counselling Session and subsequent Spiritual Energy Healing Session


I share for this has been the theme for the last couple of days…..

A spiritual counselling session may not be what you think. I ask no questions prior, the session is via text, using my team in spirit we then identify what is occurring in life….often why…then guide how to overcome should you choose.

Yes…I’m sure you’ve heard of energy healing. Lots a hot dog stand there can be many on many corners of roads…

Its intangible so many get away with pretence.

That is not the case here. We provide tangible evidence first…detailing what’s occurring in your energies…the how and the why. Today my first lovely client had us describe her bedroom as she sat in wonder…and slightly worried about it being tidy enough…

Then through a combined meditation we conduct a complete spiritual energy reset. Your chakras aligned, balanced, turning in harmony. The aura cleared, repaired. Cords of energetic attachment removed and discarded from your energies….and no flakiness. We will describe often the cords embedded and how and why.

So yes…you will feel different. Entirely so.

Imagine having been wading in mud….then walking upon fine sand.

That is the difference.

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With love and to Jessica for bravely giving her words, for it helps so many more choose me.

Zowie xxx


Zowie your accuracy was amazing…

Her words today as we ended her Spiritual Counselling Session 🙏

I opened her Akashic Records today…one past life detailed. These are her words

Dear Friends

I had forgotten the awe and delight in working within the Akashic records.
Hear her words upon reading her transcript today. There was alot, and it was detailed.

She also requested a past life to be detailed….this often/always resonates with this lifetime. It shows the lessons your spirit has sent souls for in each incarnation. A pattern emerges.

She also asked 5 questions of her Akashic, and depending on the question depends on the level of answer received….again detailed very much in this reading.

I thought I would share immediately, interrupting the post I am writing giving more detail around the records, what they…and specifically how my abilities attribute to the type of reading received.

It has come to my attention that there are those saying they open them…to give very flaky non specific details.

No….thats not the case with me. I work with the Lords of the Records, but my team step in also…and your team join. We dont do flaky.

Keep an eye out for my post later today. It will be on my website….too many words for little old instagram.

With love

Zowie xxx