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Its the term used to describe psychological manipulation that causes a person to question their sense of reality – and sometimes even their sanity…

I read a very interesting article today and felt the need to share..

Gaslighting occurs in places you may expect to hear about…the home, the relationship…yet also in the places you frequent but not necessarily associate with the time spent and needed to allow such an impact on your human…

Your weightloss group, the workplace coffeeshop….the nursery or school gates…ever walked away from these meeting grounds and just felt off…not able to quite put your finger on it…but feel like a cloud has just descended over your previously light self..

Gaslighters have a fondness for exploiting the insecurities of others, they thrive in the misfortune of others and give empty compliments…they draw you in with nice words accompanied with a negative energy.

As you know if you have worked with me for a while, you can and will attach cords of negative energy to your spiritual energy field and carry/drag them around with you as if they are yours……feeling burdened? Likely you are carrying around energy cords of others negative impacts.

How to avoid….be careful of being sucked into the gossip and drama of those whose eyes light up when speaking about the misfortune of others, whilst coupling with empty compliments.

The school playground or gates, a highly competitive place for parents, can bring out the manipulative side of people who always like to be on top.

A gaslighter will want you on side as quickly as possible…they will find there way into your trust with often empty compliments…flattery. We all love feeling good and hearing good things about ourselves….so look out for the overly friendly non friend. The one who throws out compliments on your style, your kids, your parenting…how do you do it all when looking so good…asks for details on how great you are in there eyes….when even your nearest and dearest don’t venture that deep..

Being told how amazing you look, when you’ve rushed out of the house with bed hair, sleep still in your eyes…and odd shoes on…well come on…

Of course there are those that are naturally and generally kind…the gaslighter will feel unauthentic…it will feel off. Your energy will lower.

Gaslighting friends or family (eek) are like emotional vampires, you will feel exhausted after spending time with them because they always focus on life’s negatives….yours and other peoples.

Why…..the feeling of sharing the mire, makes there mire disappear – take a back seat. They take a joy and comfort in knowing that others are unhappy or struggling…so that they don’t have to face their true selves and their own reality. To the point that if there is no gossip…they’ll create it…or entice you to.

So….has a lightbulb just gone off for you….you are experiencing a gaslighter……or have you just noticed these traits in yourself…

This article was inspired by the work of Dr Stephanie Sarkis.

If you wish to chat here or share your experiences….it would be lovely to hear from you.

In love xxx

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Thursday 14th March 2019


Child hold faith in Divine Timing. All is occurring as your spirit intended for this humans incarnation.

Now….we know each and path is unique. We know it not to be plain sailing.

This may be easier to accept…to understand in the knowledge – that the bumps in the road or hills you have to walk up because there’s no other transport…may be the car broke down…and some as you walk have feet with blisters for your shoes rub….even bleeding feet.

Easier to accept she says…doesn’t sound like some thing I would choose..

Trust me. As a human it’s very hard to understand why we choose some of our human experiences. Yet your human it was not.

This souls human experience chosen by your spirit self to learn and overcome and grow to the level it aspires….ready for the next phase. The new journey. Next ascension.

Angels assure the trusting of Divine Timing.

All is occurring as intended.

Your job…know this. Believe in this. Set your thoughts to knowing, loving, gratitude and believe in the outcome for your whole spirit selfs greater purpose.

Some will accept this simply with this card. Some Will question and wish for more. There are those walking the earth who can give you more insight into your path…and with reasons why occurrences happened…and how to help you tread your path for the greatest outcome.

Many of you who have read with me before know this potential.

So you can choose to see this topic in a few ways….

Please ask a question here today if you wish for clarification…not on a personal matter but on the process we describe.

Just trust.

Or of course begin to look for the one who you are guided to….to interact with your higher self and spirit team to understand your experiences too date and why…and the lessons of learning and how to ease the path.

Trust the timing.

With love xxx
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Wednesday 13th March 2019

It’s all been go go go, guidance recently about striding forward and new beginnings.
Child it still is.
Yet growth of the mighty is wholesome and rounded.
Beginnings..steps forward…walking ahead..leaving the past and creating your future…do not mean being tunnel visioned.
Not looking left nor right and running whether it be dark or light mindlessly at full pace.
That isn’t growth nor evolvement nor walking forward into new or beginnings.
That’s egos adaptation to your new of hiding.
We don’t have gardens full of beanstalks.
A bean planted with a stalk that relentlessly grows and grows and grows and grows. No that was Jack’s story and his lesson of learning 😉
We do see plants and nature around us. We see them grow….in time. Taking spurts of growth then periods of seemingly rest.
Taking time to grow into their surroundings.
Take heed from nature.
We ask you child to retreat and reflect…breath. Then listen.
Remind yourself of you…what is truly important…why things or actions would be occurring.
Sift through what’s real and what your ego threw in there to detract….breath. Reflect and deal with your real.
Angels will guide you and hold you. Don’t know about you….but I love that hug.
In love xxx
Mediumship, Soul Guidance

Tuesday 12th March 2019

Your Guardian Angel gives you this sign today.
You are not alone. You. Drew this card as a love letter from your Guardian Angel, who wants you to know..’ We’re right here. We never leave you, keep going on this path you are doing so very well and all will become clear.’

You will have the support of your Guardian angels in everything you do. They support all your decisions and choices and they are ready to help you if you have any problem. They encourage you to take control over the situation even though it may be very difficult.

You are loved and supported child.

In love xxx