Lady Portia joined me today, she wishes to help with balance.

Ascended Master Lady Portia

Dear Loving Friends

Today I was joined by Lady Portia during my moments to receive guidance for those who happen across me.

There will be no coincidence if she turns your attention to find these writings.

Firstly you may be unaware of Master Lady Portia so she explains herself to you.

Master for she is an Ascended Master, and Lady for that is what she is.

Lady Portia is one of the Lords of Karma where she holds the balance of mercy and judgement.

I will speak on Karma very briefly. Karma has been taken by many egos as a threatening merriment of anothers downfall….as a justified punishment dished out by higher powers that be. That is not the Divine Karmic Law. There are no light filled beings either walking this plane or walking planes in other universal energies that wish nor dish punishment to humans. Karmic Law is defined by energetic transfer of action, thoughts and words. The signal to return such energy to the sender. Represented by Ouroborous. A post on which I wrote many years ago. For now this image will resonate.

So Lady Portia is not the Master of punishement.

She helps those who want to balance heart and head. She will also help those who judge and criticise others from the lower mind to raise their energy to their heart centre and be loving towards themselves and others.

This all ensuring the energy you send and which is received by the Karmic Divine Law.

Lady Master Portia is Keeper of the Flame of Justice and Opportunity. It is she that is characterised holding the scales of justice above buildings such as London’s Old Bailey.

Master Lady Portia’s energies help to bring us into balance in all ways, bringing harmony, inner-peace and stability to all levels of our being. Lady Portia teaches us to attain balance between all polarities, and how to balance love and wisdom, and justice and mercy.

Lady Portia governs judgement and mercy and assists those who want to balance head and heart, and those who come from the lower vibrations (eg. to criticize and/or judge others) to raise their energies and vibrations to their heart centre so that they are able to be more loving and accepting of themselves and others.

Lady Portia shows us that being able to forgive others for their transgressions releases them from their karma, and also releases ourselves.

Lady Portia helps to release karma on all levels  –  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Today this is her reason for stepping in as I connected to Divine energy to receive your guidance.

She wishes to help you. You may apply in meditation to the Lords of Karma for release of personal or collective karma.

I have again set the intention for the following sounds I have attached.

The connection to her energy set, and it will be your doorway to receive her and her team. As always it matters not when you action this. The intent and permission knows no time.

Sit in quiet, eyes closed and listen to the sounds, ideally using headphones. This reduces outside noise and hits the pineal gland directly and quickly.

If you do this, ask if karma may be released on every level – physical, mental emotional and spiritual.

” Dear Lady Portia, in love I thank you for finding me in this moment today. I welcome you. Please release me from ego thoughts on karma, please balance and reset my karmic energies and understandings in all parts of my entire being. In love I thank you “

So be it.

I hope you enjoy and release is felt and experienced. As always I love to hear and engage in your experience.

With love

Zowie xxx


There will come a point when darkness is too dark…now seek light. Angels come to help you.

Dear Friends

There are many types of dark places. From black holes to shadows in varying degrees of darkness.

Today I sat with me team in spirit. They wished me to bring forth the following guidance.

They wish to bring your attention to the grey.

Not all can be accomplished or tackled quickly. But, there is much you shy away from that you can indeed tackle. Seek the light, and damn well switch it on.

Look for the light….it’s there.

Can’t see it…call upon us child and ask for Angels to point you in the direction.

For egos choice or version of light isn’t always the real and true light, you may need some enlightening. And that just fine, its why we came.

You can’t choose your variation of light suiting ones humans needs right now.

There is that grey area, which walks next to you like an omnipresent cloud. Shows itself time and again, yet always there. And you know it.

Then every now and again it rumbles. And ensues a downpour.

Don’t worry you are not alone. Same thing happened to me this week. This particular grey cloud has been with me for at least 2.5 years.

I have seen it, ignored it, fought it with dodge games, tried egos attempt to beat it.

Yet never shone the light on it. Never seen why its there, and why intact I welcomed its presence and allowed it to walk with me.

Seems…although a huge area of anxiety for me, it being removed meant an acceptance and moving forward that my humans ego decided wasn’t right for me.

Well humans ego is and was wrong. But only this week have I, my whole spirit self (human and soul) been ready to shine a light on what really is occurring.

No games, no dodging, no anger towards the situation arisen.

Light of loving questioning, reviewing and understanding shone. Light of tools to decide do I wish this stay with me, or is it time for this grey cloud to leave me.

Now, and only now was I ready.

And so be it. I asked for help.

It is now done.

And goodness me, what a weight has been lifted.

Even disbelief I allowed such a cloud near me…let alone for 2 and half years.

As I speak of many times, and what I uncover with my team in spirit during spiritual counselling sessions ….we chose this humans path for many reasons of learning. That is why it walked with me. Ultimately it was meant to. How long it stays, how it repeats my whole self’s choice.

So if you wish help, you need help for light to be shone upon your dark space. Then my team bring Angels through and for your way in which to request help.

Step towards the light it will lift you and allow seeing more clearly.

Shine your light on your dark spaces

‘Dear Angels working for my spirits highest and greatest good, please show me the much needed light to aid me in these moments right now, to help me release this area of stickiness which has now become too much for me……(name your area of choice)…in love and in light, please shine the light bright and lead me by the hand. Release me from this dark area, take it away and return me the light to know now how to deal with (repeat and name area) Lovingly I thankyou’

So Be It.

With love

Zowie xxx


Archangel Michael comes to offer you release…all you need to is grant him so. Read on, his words follow.


Dear Delightful Friends

Release child. Allow yoursoul to release and let go of what no longer serves your human or your true aim and purpose in this lifetime.

Choosing to let go, will see the Universal response and divine aid. Everything you release will either be replaced by something better or will be returned to you healed.

Allow yoursoul to release and let go of what no longer serves your human

Easier said than done, I hear you.

First ego reaction. What would you know?

Second ego reaction. You’ve no idea what my life is like, you’ve got it easy. Sitting playing with spirit all day!

Third ego reaction.

Finished yet…..?

Maybe you are, maybe not.

You may come back with a few more immediate ego one liners.

Depends simply on how deeply entrenched your hurt, doubt and fear is buried. And that’s ok. I hear you, we hear you.

In fact the first step to release is voicing egos reactions, my lovely Nan would always say ‘better out than in’

Better Out than In

Joan Violet Beaumont

Let’s test….after all your one liners, all that’s now out – likely to vary from doubt, fear, anger, blame, finger pointing, self pity….do you feel better.

Have those reactions made you feel better….

If not you’re ready to release. To allow Yoursoul to release what doesn’t serve you or your purpose and in fact has you in hold.

On hold.

Release isn’t an easy effortless choice for humans…we like control.

Yet Yoursouls connection to all in spirit around you….can take care of the task effectively if granted permission.

Who grants permission…your whole self.

The permission may come easier if using another to help with the release and believing they can.

So now in this moment…close your eyes and breathe.

Hold Archangel Michael in your anyway you choose.

Be love. Channel love in everyway conceivable.

Now Child take a moment of stillness. A moment or as many as you can afford. Sit or stand or lay. The signal for his presence requested will be the closing of your humans eyes and holding his image in your thoughts. Now using your inner voice…ask him. Call to him.

Archangel Michael, I call upon you. I welcome and am mightily grateful for your presence. I surrender. Please release me of the worries and fears of [insert own words]. Please take this away from my human, it no longer serves me. Please take this away, and return to me healed in all manners exclusive to my unique truth.

ZowieCarr WalkswithSpirit / Archangel Michael

Ask him to release you, and stay here in this moment for as long as you find yourself.

You will be released.

How do I know? Experience. I use this time and again and he never fails me.

You will be lifted and feel lighter in this moment.

Of that I am assured.

In moments to come this healing will show itself. I look forward to hearing of your experiences in the future.

He will come to all and as many who ask, his reach is limitless.

With love

Zowie xxx


Today will be lighter with wings released…Child let us help.

My Sweet friends,

Hi. Good morrow to you.

No matter where you sit in your day – in the moment…left field…not even in the field 😁…

We cannot be soul led at all times, or we would be our spirit selves.

We are human. Well ok…thanks audience in my living room…I am writing this to a human audience. 🤫

We are humans, wondrous balance of body, mind, spirit. Personality, feelings and emotions felt. Our human a house for our soul and our ego. In harmonious balance they aid our walk in this realm.

We learn, we face.

It takes very little for any balance to be tipped on any scale.

A little unbalance can alter the outcome.

The precision in baking required, an example.

You may, in any moment, be soul led or ego led. This is natural, normal but a daily and moment by moment occurence. It is in fact one lesson upon incarnation we all share.

Very well done to us all….we have an assault course to travel and we do it balancing an egg on a spoon…on one leg.

No, it isn’t easy is it. You can find your mood, your outlook, enthusiasm, intent…alter. Unexpectedly. An ego creep. Nice Zowie, Ego creep – one for the book!

You can get in front of this ego creep. Do this little piece of magic, no matter where you are.

Close your eyes.

Inhale. On an exhale, release your wings. Inhale, and on an exhale feel, see and BE with wings of an Angel. We will come, you will feel us.

Now bat the eyelashes open…you’ll see things, people, places, events with angel wings.

It costs you nothing to view people in love, regardless.

It costs you everything, not to.

In seeing feelingly with love, no matter where you sit you will have love blanketing you.

Nothing, no thing will feel as bad as it did, and anything that felt great will feel greater for the right purpose.

The Angel wings in me, bow to the Angel wings in you all.

Breathe and release.

With love, now and always
Zowie xxx