Remote viewing at the start of her Spiritual Development session….

Bebe lives in Australia on the Gold Coast….I am in the UK.  The reading is via WhatsApp.  No external sight used.

My clairvoyance abilities also lend themselves to remote viewing.  I am able to see objects, colours, impressions of room layouts. Often I smell scents also.

This was simply the start of her session…I then with guidance from my team in spirit began to uncover her practises she follows during reiki sessions….there were protections needed, new processes specific to Bebe to use and a way for her to deepen her connection.  Of course I never ask for details prior to a session.

I then cleared her home and her work studio along with her spiritual tools….and spit spot Bebe is ready to go and Light the path for others.

Believe in the unbelievable.

With love xxx