Attitude of Gratitude

Dear Sweet Friends
Walk into your weekend very well. ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. Drop the mike 🎤. Far too much time spent finding mike emoji.
Anyhoo…yeah yeah Zowie…all bloomin week you’re telling us, be thankful. We get it. THANKYOU!. Uh huh. Yep. No …you do absolutely not get it.
Saying thankyou, yet not being thankful.
Acting Kind, yet not being kind.
Pretending loving nature, yet scorn sits behind the surface.
Confused….yeah the universe too.
Time to work on you, all of you. Check yourself out and check in.
You muddy your very own waters even more so with mixed messages. Greater benefit would be felt matching your energy and thoughts to your actions and words.
What do I mean… Well, if you do not like someone, don’t act like you do.
If you don’t feel kind, don’t act it.
Your ego will struggle with this. Of course it will, taken quite the time to develop such a great skill. Souls and spirit do not have a word for pretend. Why would we… You are what you Be.
The muddiness of confused fake human presenting dual messages to the universe will result in your human receiving odd, fake, intangible messages from the universe. 🎤
Walk into your weekend with an ‘attitude of gratitude’…the choice of attitude and your humans approach is entirely yours.
With love xxx

BE it.

My dearest Friends
Right now. Embody all you wish to BE.
For that wish is your spell for today.
This can occur as quick as flash, a bat of the eyelashes, and like taking a photo…you become your wish.  You may need a different approach.
Maybe your mind is incessantly chattering today…wow the topics if covers.  So your approach may need a bath, a shower…it may need a quick pop to the loo at work…you may need to scribe it on paper before your humans eyes.
There will be no better way. There is your way. 
Do it once…or multiple times.
You will be joined by my team, you will feel a quick zing.  Like a refresh…maybe a tap on head…maybe a quick tingle.  May be an emotion your mind would explain away…but you know it was us.
You are well protected in using this spell or for those confuddled or worried on my language…a mantra, a manifestation, a commitment, a chant….the words matter not. The energy action is absolute.
As with the other days spell, I’m pleased to hear the impact.
Blessings sent with love xxx

A little rally

Light and Love filled friends
Time out. Check in. Pep talk.
Reset, find the vibration of intent you began your say with.
Reread the post.
There we go.
For now, with love xxx
🙏Zowie xxx

Get out of your own way…

Sweet Friends
Seek. Continue to seek. It matters not where is derived or whom from. Get out of your own way.
Just seek, listen, hear, choose.
It will be you who becomes greater in doing so.
With love xxx
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Alter your moment…here’s how

Sweet friends,

Hi. No matter where you sit in your day, in the moment…left field…not even in the field 😁…

We cannot be soul led at all times, or we would be our spirit selves. We are human. Well ok…thanks audience in my living room…I am writing this to a human audience. 🤫

We are humans wondrous balance of body, mind, spirit. Personality, feelings and emotions felt. Our human a house for our soul and our ego. In harmonious balance they aid our walk in this realm. We learn, we face.

It takes very little for any balance to be tipped on any scale, a little unbalance can alter our outcome. The precision in baking required, an example.

You may, in any moment, be soul led or ego led. This is natural, normal but a daily and moment by moment occurence. It is in fact one lesson upon incarnation we all share. Very well done to us all….we have an assault course to travel…and we do it balancing an egg on a spoon…on one leg.

No, it isn’t easy is it. You can find, your mood, your outlook, enthusiasm, intent…alter. Unexpectedly. An ego creep. Nice Zowie, Ego creep – one for the book!

You can get in front of this ego creep. Do this little piece of magic, no matter where you are.

Close your eyes.

Inhale. On an exhale, release your wings.

Now bat the eyelashes open…you’ll see things, people, places, events with angel wings.

It costs you nothing to view people in love, regardless. It costs you everything, not to.

In seeing feelingly with love, no matter where you sit you will have love blanketing you. Nothing, no thing will feel as bad as it did, and anything that felt great will feel greater for the right purpose.

I am not actively bringing spirit in one on ones to others at the minute. Doesn’t mean I don’t get bombarded with spirit…and some slip through. Sneaky buggers 🙏

I know there are those waiting, for your spirits wished for join me, pied piper! Trust the timing. I will read and reply soon.

The Angel wings in me, bow to the Angel wings in you all.

For now, with love
Zowie xxx
Please note: any/all interaction occurs only on Instagram @walkswithspirit to ensure privacy of others. If you wish for a deeper level of connection please follow the Instagram account. Interaction currently is sporadic, unplanned and unspecific. Simply going with spirits flow.

Care what others think…here’s your spell

Sweet Friends

A task suggested for your moments in this week ahead.

How much of your time involves thinking about what you think others think?

This may relate to work, to family, to strangers, to acquaintances…

You may be walking your dog, or staring at your phone wondering why you haven’t had contact…maybe you were the last to reach out? Or you’ve sent in a piece at work and you haven’t heard back…

Maybe you consider running to the shops without makeup on or your hair up? Maybe you little headphones have broken and only the giant ear muff size ones are available…

Maybe you just consider running?

Maybe you want more than you have? Maybe you don’t want to go?

Maybe you don’t like sushi yet have pretended you love it.

Maybe you consider your social presence on the wonder and freedom the www has given us….freedom my arse. How many of you consider your next post…your last post? Who will see it? What will they think? About you, your post…how many times do you check your post to see if you can glean the thinking of others.

Child unless you are telepathic, and some are🤪, you wondering or worrying about what others think or are thinking…are a complete utter waste of time.

Egos time very well spent. For the distraction in fact will often halt you. Hinder you. Slow you down. Even if you push through to completion with said endeavor…crumbs ego took you the hard way. If muffled. It hurt. You.

What the ‘they’ do actually think….firstly is there’s. So leave them with it.

For know this child, what each human thinks is a reflection and a manifestation of them. Their wonderful magic.

I intend on sharing more magic with you this week, for you to use if you choose.

Here is your very first trick. Stop thinking ‘what are they thinking? But what will they think?’

If you believe you do not do this, nor need this guidance…remember your thoughts reflect you and manifest you.

I have worked with thousands. I have yet to come across a human who does not succumb to Egos distraction tactic. I have met some who are better and seeing it….moving around it and in front of it. But not one who doesn’t experience it.

So here is your spell.

If you wish an action and item to cement your spell, then please choose one of the following;
A white candle – the candle will be lit when you affirm the spell. Look at the candle for 5 mins, being with the energy created.
A white/clear quartz crystal – the crystal will be clasped for 5 mins between both hands as you affirm the spell.
A mirror – you will face your image in the mirror. Do not look at your image, allow the gaze to soften become blurred. Here you will see your spirit self, the haze around you, you will be at one with your soul.

Words of the spell.

Mighty Universe, the great divine. I follow my path set humbly, but in this moment and moments before me I ask that you help me set my destiny of choice. I choose release from thoughts of others egoic minds. Release my mind from egos control, mine and that of theirs. I no longer will worry nor think on the thinkings of others. I will walk in absolute. In love and light, in all that is above and below, So be it.

If you do not own the objects mentioned, then please wait til the moon joins you. Make sure you see the moon. Sit on the earth or a least with your bare feet touching the earth. This could be outside, but your bedroom or other room in the house will be fine. Contact with a surface is required. Clear your mind…chant the spell. And sit. The moon will engage your eyes, and your soul will preside over your energy.

If you do not own the objects or have access to the moon, nor care what others think. Bravo…your intrigue is quenched and you reason for coming across me will show itself in your future. If you allow it.

So be it. My friends. Your very first magic spell.

As you use any form, and you intent is pure – you will feel us. You will know we are there. That is our promise to you. Scoffers…try it. You will know.

Please come and share your experience as and when you use.

For now, with love xxx
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Let it go 💃

Hello kind friends
Today I have spent time harking Angel’s.  I don’t do this often enough.
You too have Angel’s around you at all times.
Remember I have told you countless times before, they cannot intervene against your will.
Are they willing….but of course.  If you need assistance ask them.  I could write some flowery prose for you…simple fact is…they speak your language as well as mine.
Ask for help.  Be true, authentic.  Do not set the outcome or conditions…souls seek help not humans egos with ‘but how can I trusts’ or ‘control’.
Its Sunday, chill out.
Ask for help to simply be released and for it to be returned healed.
I glance back over the months before Christmas.  Particularly the last few weeks of December…I asked on multiple issues involving not just myself….and it worked.  Things were returned healed.
What you waiting for….oh yes the message from me to remind you to ask your waiting Angel’s to help you.
With love, for now xxx

Choose your residence

Sweet Friends
If those that deciphered the language heard into letters and words maybe our humans could have been saved time.
I hope 🙏 you pin this post.  Forehead….fridge…your choice.
This works alongside incarnation choices, which those following me begin to grasp in the timing meant for them, lessons unique to You…yes.
A conspiracy against You by the Universe?  Make you absolve responsibility, allow ego to feel better….out of your control right?
We have spoken this week upon opportunity, challenges…they arent meant to be avoided.  But how they are overcome, if they are overcome, is down to you and your choice of sensibility.
Sure, not having it? Then sit in the Universe.
Want to break the cycle? Eureka.  Pin it.
I’ll be around today and will answer only on @walkswithspirit instagram, if you wish clarification on this matter.
For now, with love xxx

This Wolf Moon requires your acknowledgement

Delightful Friends
I do not often publicly speak about the stars, signs of stars from the sun and the moon. Yet their messages come through in all of my work with spirit.
For simply the stars are signs from the universe. A map shall I liken it to. Think more along the lines of a directional map merged with a treasure map.
We are not dropped here without thought nor love. There are signs everywhere.
I had a year altering sign today, one repeated often, today I couldn’t ignore. I thank those present in all realms for shaking me to wake.
These signs are our choices to heed, to hark to ignore.
I am guided to bring this sign right under your nose for many will look to the sky thinking it can hold very much for them on their moment.
We tonight there is a Wolf Moon. It is an eclipse.
The Wolf Moon will pass through a shadowy region of space behind Earth today, in what is known as a penumbral eclipse.
As the Moon passes opposite the Sun it will spend about four hours in the partial shadow of Earth, this will be while the Moon is below the horizon for most of the Americas.
If you happen to find yourself on the opposite side of Earth, the slight and gradual dimming of the Moon should be barely noticeable – if at all.
Cancer of the stars pattern will sit in Capricorn moon cycle. Its fullest moon.
These 2 maps often walk in very different directions and promise a different treasure. One operates in emotion. Allowing emotion to aid and hinder depending on the soul or ego led human. Choose wisely here my friends.
Capricorn all about the earth matter. Matter. The things, objects, places…things being where they should be. If they are not…then they will be. Capricorn will move the chess piece to its rightful position no matter how many times it steps out to a new square.
Can you see the push and pull. For capricorn cares about earths mattering not only the material but the way it’s done. So family. Work. All perceived as normal and orderly. Cancer will see,feel all of the emotion surrounding this and if it isn’t there….well she will create it.
January could get tricky….our advice keep in your moments. There are indeed some rocky roads
Ahead involving work, business or the effective running of the home.

Unnecessary emotion, created emotion will not make these tasks easier.

This moon has an imperfect alignment mirroring that of the Solar Eclipse of July 12th, 2018, which was at 20º50′ Cancer. Think back to this time and the initiatives you were beginning to consider. For it is here great importance lies.

To navigate this period please balance grounding activities with feeling – a bracing winter walk with family, getting together colleagues for a back-to-work feast, establishing healthy goals and boundaries at home. Remember that Cancer governs domestic settings, ancestry, food, nurturing, mothers, and comfort; Capricorn governs big business, industry, practical efforts and establishing limits.

There is much in this moon that will manifest the year ahead.

This is reason I share our guidance.

For now, with love xxx

Challenge your potential

My Dear Friends
Your ultimate worth will be so deserveded. Will it come easy…is your easy the same as anothers?
What seems easy to you, is likely extraordinarily difficult to another.
For that is the point. Don’t be distracted on anothers lane. How easy they have it….their challenges are theirs alone.
Your spirits choices for this souls incarnation its own unique beautiful and wonderful adventure.
We spoke yesterday of opportunities, please share opportunity with your friend ‘challenge’. It will be the challenge within the opportunity where you will grow, where your potential sits. Easy….no. You wouldn’t be here would you if all your challenges were easy…you would have achieved the aim in spirit. No…not easy for your human. Achievable….yes.
For now, with love xxx
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Humble Friends
You’re an operative trained by the super-intelligence of the universe to make sure it realizes its destiny.

If you view everything as an opportunity, it is one.

With love xxx

Please note: any/all interaction occurs only on Instagram @walkswithspirit to ensure privacy of others.  If you wish for a deeper level of connection please follow the Instagram account.  Interaction currently is sporadic, unplanned and unspecific. Simply going with spirits flow.


What an adventure you can have…

Treasured Souls
Choose your wonderful adventure today.
With love xxx

Look around

For me…I now pause. I’ll take a break. I’ll check my human senses, breathe in some fresh air. Touch my feet to the earth. Use my sense of smell, touch and taste. Hark.

Then I will review my task of which I was working upon…coz I sense I may have been disappearing down a rabbit hole.

Yes yes…all our posts of these last few days apply. But so does manifesting mindfully.

So be it.

With love xxx


Be the outcome

I have some permanent spirit animals, one being my wolf.  His eyes have been following me for days. A knowing, a loving, yet a relentless gaze.  I could ignore what my human was comfortable ignoring….yet as always I cannot escape his gaze for long.
I hear his words after our talk today and they combine with the guidance that Angels wish to share.
So today I will come back to centre. I smile.  I connect all that I am. Body, mind, soul and spirit. Now…I vibrate and envision my highest lightest truest self, living the most real authentic and intended reason this human came.
Join me, the energy will be particularly tangible today.
In love xxx
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Cherished Friends

I sit in a platform often. In it not onit. My precipice. I don’t step on for my human is safer init.

This precipice is filled in equal parts of dreams and worries, ideals and fears. When I’m here anything is possible. Oh I have so many things I file here…store in bookcases….lay on coffee tables.

My ego lined the walls with paper of assurance, patterned with one day and of course you wills.

Angel’s and guides have gently spoken this week to us about our intents, our resolve, our choices and paths. Look back over the posts if you wish to see the layers peeling away…all so that your human allows, believes this too is for them.

Me included. But…eek. Its nearing the first new fresh week of January. Work, family, people, travel, food, emotions, feelings, pets, media, technology…is all about to storm our Christmas/New Year bubble. What a few days ago felt achievable, doable…walls papered with ‘of course I can’…’I’m the king of the world’ feels bloody light years away.

Who were we kidding…. An ominous impending reality looms…life. Human life, with all the variables it entails on its travelator picking you up tomorrow morning – or for you it may be the day before or 2 days later. Don’t split hairs. Pedantic equals you hiding in this moment.

Harness the universal energy that was created for you. Some may argue…how daft it’s a day or time of year which makes no difference than choosing any other day in the calendar year…say August 18th. Well, maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong. Doable, absa-bloody-lutely. Likely for many, nope.

It depends on the connection between your human ego and your spirit led soul. Take that in. Some have evolved over many incarnations to be able to this, fine. Good, job well done. Your toolkit differs.

Many incarnate here to evolve, make changes…of which will be exceptionally hard. That’s the point. If your spirit self had this lesson in its toolkit – it wouldn’t be here. Capiche💃. Now…today’s loving words, suggestion, guidance, is step onto your platform. Your precipice. ‘But what if I fall, Darling Child…what if you fly. Know you are flying, so you will fly but first Child you must take off. Only you can choose to do so.’

It’s ok to be afraid, but you still have choice as the pending loom of normal life sits at our doorstep.

What is your motivation? Collective universal energy.

Get on the train. It was commandeered by the universe for all, for this reason. Harness the energy of knowing they can all fly as they take the same train to their own unique destinations. It’s the ride you need. The lift you need. The tipping point to step off your precipice into carving your reality which waits.

There is no coincidence that this planet has seconds, days, weeks and years. Knowledge of the stars and planets and gravity…to the extent we are allowed to know for now…but they are here for so much more. New Years beginning…like it or not…its new. Its fresh and it is a beginning.

Humans talk of New Year Resolutions where it came from, matters not. Clever all the same. For there are very few times that collectively humans come together with a humans like minded energy. Belief, intent, courage for their change. Now, right now choose. Step onto your platform. Now will you choose flight.

Me…yes. I have lived in a dream of what I could do, what I could be. One element I’ve sat with for many years in my comfy platform of precipice…dreaming. Once again got to a point where yeah yeah yeah
…I’m gonna…and I can include this and that…and have I. Nope. Today I could. And I began to fluff around the edges finding reasons how I need to be more ready.

So in they swept. I hadn’t planned this post. I had nothing to say. And then…in it comes and I’m writing. For me, for you.

I hope you read, decipher and enjoy. More importantly I implore you to sit with yourself, have a good old talking to before tomorrow comes. Me…see you later I have a train to catch.

So be it.

With love xxx