And breathe…..you found me. It will feel a little like coming home 😉

Unlikely a coincidence that you find yourself here….even when busy with something else -those in Spirit, in Divine Light, guide us.

Maybe Deceased Loved Ones guiding you to the medium of choice…the one best suited for their needs, and yours, to be able to communicate.

Maybe your Spirit guides, Guardian Angel, Soul or Higher Self knowing that you need clarity. That the path you chose to incarnate for in this souls lifetime requires loving guidance.

For blockages to be uncovered, for repeating behaviours to be identified…to be given the knowledge as to why….and then the guidance to alter the path should you choose. Simply to get you ‘unstuck’.

Maybe you are a Medium or a Psychic, a Healer or a Life Coach….or any other of these wonderful ‘Spiritual Name’ tags.

Maybe you are just beginning to awaken, aware of the vibrational energies that surround us in every moment….an intrigue to know more about the Spiritual world.

You have been seeking that one person, that connection. An honest, truthful, transparent dare I say ‘normal’ human to spend time with…one who is grounded in her human as she walks with spirit.


This will be why you find yourself here.

For help, guidance, understanding, acceptance with clarity. A chance to breathe and be the real you without judgement, often at a time when you feel incomplete. Yet can’t put your finger on why.


This will be why you find yourself here.

With a human whom you can trust. Without the spiritual ‘talk’ that you’re not sure you understand……(in my experience I often don’t understand those who ‘talk’ spiritual either…..yet my abilities suggest I’d have a green light to speak ‘spiritual mumbo jumbo’ to the highest degree). 😉


This will be why you find yourself here.

The reason I have read for thousands around the world from the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Panama….and more….is that I truly, truly care about you.

I have a loving, relaxed approach putting you at ease, I’ll adapt to you. I will pick up your energies immediately and know just which style will suit your personality.

My approach to readings allows you privacy in your safe space. I don’t need to see you, to speak to you or ask for any details to connect with you, your spiritual energies and those in spirit who come through for you.

Social media today allows us a platform to connect through instant messaging. That connection is all I need.

Allowing the soul to be heard louder than the human ego, optimizing our time together.

We begin a journey which I am forever honoured to be a part of.

So…..it is my absolute pleasure that you are here….

There is much for you to read…..and of course you’ll be seeking some evidence….so there’s a well stocked Testimonials page….grab a cuppa..theres quite a few 😉

With love xxx

16 thoughts on “Home

  1. I feel I’m in a maze or computer game Zowie! Going down different paths to track you and then I click on something and phew! A door with your name on opens and I get an overwhelming sense of relief in my tummy that I’ve found you!
    I am looking forward to reading all the testimonies from everyone you help, as this in itself helps me too. Take care Zowie xxx


    1. Thank goodness you found me xxx I have worked tirelessly since last Saturday to create this website…then Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So losing an Instagram account of 117k to a hacker…..well no matter. Those who are guided to me will find me. All my love Angela xxx


  2. Hi Zowie,

    I’ve been following you for some time, not sure when or how I found you. But, I always find guidance from your post. I hadn’t seen your post in some days and had been thinking of you.. then from someone I don’t know on Instagram I was sent your new page… and here I am now. 💫💓

    Much love,


  3. Zowie 💕
    Somehow I know I will never loose you, hacker or no hacker… Once touched by your magic; never forgotten.
    All the souls you have touched will eventually find you again 🙏🏻💚
    A big thank you for the readings you do for me, the spiritual guidance for my personal development, the energy clearings, the group meditations… a big thank you to your Spirit team too!
    I look forward to many years of Zowie’s interventions in my life 😜😂😘
    Xx much love


  4. Dear Zowie…oh it’s great to find you again, I had wondered why there were no posts showing and over the last few weeks I kept getting this message and I decided now to delve further! then I saw the reason! Yep spirit shoved you on another path!! I so totally enjoyed seeing your posts, I felt you were a ‘bridge’ so let’s get this shit happening again that you engage with the ones you’re meant too! Sending you love & Light 💕😉🙏

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  5. Zowie, I would love and much appreciate a healing session with you as I need some guidance and reassurance. Relieved I have officially found you.


Love and Light 💖

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