Hi my dear sweet friends
I never ask details prior to any reading, and those who have read with me many times just allow and trust that my team in spirit will connect with yours….and divulge what you most need.
Now….generally we cover pretty much everything.  Yes..I have learnt to type damn quick.
It was delightful to hear from a house, I must admit this is up there with a first for me.  Should I be surprised. No of course not.
You all have energy in your home. You feel it the moment you step in the front door.  Often this energy will be mixed with that of humans come and gone.  Generally I pay little attention to this type of energy unless harmful or worrying and then I always clear the house.
This time….this house, well she had words to share to Meegan about the work being done 🤣
I’m sure as always Meegan will write her own words to share with you all.
Please if you have read with me recently and wish to share how the experience feels….it greatly helps others in their decision to commit to time with me.
For now, with love xxx

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