Spirits can be very persuasive…as I found out with Ann’s Mam.

Dear Friends

I have a private Facebook group. A place where people can interact in safety and comfort on all and any matters of consciousness and spirit.

I have only recently returned to active session work after a sabbatical working for a long term client.

I had yet to be active in the group.

Yesterday’s evening…..well read my comments to Ann.

Her Mam did all necessary to get my intention once Anns team in spirit had decided to send me a belated birthday message. Any post in fact is out of the ordinary for Ann.

So yes…deceased loved ones will do anything feasible to get through to you. And that includes using ones like me.

And…Nice for you to see how I work.

With love

Zowie xxx


Clairsentience can be a little ouchy for me…


Dear Friends

Let me share a little of how I work.

I am blessed, and feel euphoric during readings…

However they can be a little ouchy at times.

Today in two readings prior to this one….I felt extreme nausea identified as anxiety of one young lady I was holding session for.

Then for my other lovely lady, I worked my way around her body and identified a medical condition she was experiencing.

I knew no prior details. I accurately described the occurrence and the consult she had already, and the procedure suggested. I was then able to tell her what is actually occurring and to have little fear. In time we will hear from her to further confirm the medical diagnoses.

I try to share tangible evidence consistently for you to peruse and learn more about those working as a conduit for all in consciousness. As you will know I simply refer to mostly as Spirit. Well yes, spirit but in all realms, those you see and those you do not.

I forget this is a new account and that I am new to many.

So bare with me…But of course you can always ask a question and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Oh…And yes spirit guided what foods weren’t serving her best.

I am glad to announce that the nausea left me, as did the stomach discomfort once acknowledged by the lovely clients.

You too are clairsentient….begin to pay attention to sensations on your body that just are out of the ordinary or are not yours.

Clairsentience loosely translated means “clear-feeling” and is perhaps the most down-to-earth of all the intuitive gifts.

I will soon offer a clairsentient experiment on Instagram like I used to in the days of WalkswithFire….so keep an eye out.

With love



Why do people choose me…

Dear Friends

Its been a long day bringing spirit in all forms through to clients who have booked with me today.

A spiritual healing energy session in France and then off to Dallas Texas to two regular clients.

One for her Dad in spirit to come through to her for the first time since he died. He had used my energies previously when he was locked in, suffering from Alzheimer’s….so today was almost a relief and pleasure to bring him through in spirit fully transitioned. And well….he bossed me around, joined me on my relaxing dog walk 2 hours before I was connecting with Jennifer…brought along a dog in spirit, which once I described to Jennifer it turned out to be her lovely old man of 15years who died shortly after her Dad….and then preceded to get as much through me to her as I’ve ever had any spirit do. It was delightful, honouring….

Then I worked for Brenda also in Dallas….she requested a …tell me what spirits for me…approach. Well, thankyou Brenda!! Off we went….home, work, love, family, death of parent….new yoga class, meeting of new man, writing block, new friends…on and on.

So, I will be honest, I am physically fatigued, but that will pass. My soul rejoices in bringing the connection forward.

Why to clients choose me….well that’s for them to tell and I detail words above of one.

it’s all just energy

The majority of my clients return time and again for sessions.

It may be regularly or months or years apart. There is never any pressure. It simply depends on their path and their ways in which they wish to work with me.

Some….consistent spiritual counselling…either personal and or business related.

Some….working through their past life in this incarnation…understanding how yesterday has created their today…And which tomorrow they wish and can create.

Some….Spiritual energy healing. I am a shaman. I can heal the spiritual energies and cleanse and repair the aura, remove cords of attachment to events and others…And realign the chakras.

Some….guided meditation. Teaching my way of greater connection with the higher self and your team in spirit.

Some….Akashic record reading…another post for another day if you aren’t aware of the Akashic.

Some….development. working with me brings spirit awareness closer anyway…just happens. Further teaching to strengthen your abilities which come more natural than others…we identify and explain how to hone.

Some…wishing to communicate with a deceased loved one.

And well that’s just to name a few.

Here in this post….she has read with me many times before. In fact so has her sister and her mother. People return for a reason.

🙏 I am grateful.

Thankyou kindly for reading…and feel free to ask a question. I will answer.

With love, now and always
Zowie xxx


Believe in the Unbelievable

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Zowie your accuracy was amazing…

Her words today as we ended her Spiritual Counselling Session 🙏