Remote Viewing task


I have placed 3 items in the box prior to this post.

The task is to see if you can get an impression or an image or a feeling or sense of what I placed on the box.

So take a nice deep breath…clear your mind and focus on the image.

In doing so you’ll be feeling my energy right about now….a little vibration or a tingle on the face or body…like adrenaline.

Now just see what pops in your mind….it may just be a colour..or a shape…or a word or even a sense of an action…..

And just pop it in the comments.

Remove doubt and fear or thoughts on others…the key to developing is casting these things aside.

So…take a breath and just write down what you see…

With love xxx


9 thoughts on “Remote Viewing task

  1. I am getting an item that is smooth, green? Could be a fruit like a pear.

    Something round like a ball? Could be bouncy. Seems to me like it has patches on it.

    I feel like there’s something bright in there . Electrical? Like a lamp or some sort. There’s some kind of black colour to it like the base of it.

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  2. All that comes to mind is a fine bone China tea cup white with small reddish flowers and a small trinket box or tin it has a hinged lid and its shiny I can’t get a third item..

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  3. A blue cup…of water or something blue cone shaped. Then something red…like an apple or a heart. Then something silver…but idk I’m just remembering an older post where it was a jack.


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