Archangel Chamuel …please release me from expectation πŸ™


Dear Light Working Friends

Archangel Chamuel has come today….she says ‘What a weight, expectation, what a weight’.

How clever that humans developed a word that in reality has no final product. No result. No end game. Yet is the player given immunity and eternal life for you to carry.

Even more clever….it’s heavy. A weight which is heavy. Can get heavier.

Clever still….you choose to carry it.

And child….one may think that expectation is the friend of manifestation.

No. It is not. Intent…belief….love….is by far the better friend of the word manifestation.

Whether you are carrying expectation because you’ve picked the weight, or because you’ve taken the weight from other and chosen to carry it….or you are handing it to others…imposing the weight upon them…

Stop. See it. Put it down. Take it away.

Lauren…I trust you are reading, for this ties in entirely with your Spiritual Healing session this morning. We detailed your expectation…and how it had weighted down your entire spiritual energetic body. Now cleared, repaired, healed and reset….read this guidance my darling.


You, me…LaurenπŸ˜³πŸ˜‡ we all do this.

You didn’t come carrying expectation, the world you joined had created it already.

And child expectation can only be used to stand in souls way….in divines way of helping and guiding and loving…along the path you always intended to travel.

The loss of weight will be pleasant.

If you require help, then ask that of Archangel Chamuel. She stands close by, and given the nod to ask for release. She will make this much easier for you….she reminds however you may have to use this daily for a while…for it seems you may well pick up this weight and put it down very frequently….it’s well embedded.

To ask…means she can help.

You will likely at this stage begin to feel a sensation on your body…alerting to her presence.

Close your eyes and breathe and when ready read or say …

Dear Archangel Chamuel please release me from expectation, that of mine taken and that of mine given. The weight weighs heavy and egos determination to carry makes it strong. In love please remove this weight, and allow me the light and love of soul and spirit and all in divine. Please replace expectation with belief, intent and a true kind sight of my path. With loving thanks.

A lovely tool for today, to add to your Spiritual Toolbox.

With love

Zowie xxx