She was guided to ask her family in Italy to be mindful of their planned movements, so they would trust our words… a woman was described wearing a bandage on her ankle….of which she had no prior knowledge…read on if intrigued


Hi there,

I know how hard it is to believe there is an energy in the universe that humans cannot see or hear or feel or acknowledge with their current physical being.

This is not the post to explain in detail how spirit exist within and among us, but to help you believe in those who can bridge the gap between spirit world and the world of the human, I have always shared evidence of my abilities at work.

This lady simply posted a comment on my instagram post of yesterday, and as I read it a connection takes place…and well you will see my comments that followed.

This morning she confirmed indeed I was correct.  That also a lady did have a poorly ankle and did have a bandage as I described.  All of which prior to investigating and sharing the guidance her loved ones in spirit had for her family, she was unaware of.

This is the beginning of a new time for me as I bring spirit to those who cross my path.  So there will be much more evidence to follow.  For now if you seek more…check out the testimonials page on this site.

With love for now and always

Zowie xxx