How to call upon Archangel Azrael…

Archangel Azrael is commonly thought of as the Angel of Transformation.

This is related to his work with crossing over souls and being present when people transition to the afterlife.

There have been a few spirits coming to me these last few days who have recently passed away, they have not yet crossed over. They have come to me, to give their family words of comfort in those awful days after we lose a cherished loved one. This is why my contact with Archangel Azrael has been brought to the forefront this last week.

However, he is also called the Angel of Transformation, because he works to transmute all energies Dark to Light, making him very versatile to work with.

As the Angel of Transformation, one of those transformations you can call upon him for is afterlife transition. You can also call on him for many things, aside from actual physical departure from this world like transition to a new job or way of thinking.

Azrael is one of my favorite Angels because he was among the first Angels I ever connected with when I began reaching out and tentatively connecting. He accompanied me to my first, and very last development circle. Another story another day, lets just say the lady conducting the tutoring was of the type who labels herself for what she is. She was as much a clairvoyant (a label I find uncomfortable) as she was the Admiral of the royal fleet.

Azrael was loving in his assessment of this woman, and my attending was as much for her growth as mine. Which is why he helped me with my very first experience with telekinesis….the table she was professing to her adoring fans…shocked her when my little finger laid on top did indeed move it. So yes, Azrael joined me there…and many times since. This week it has been due to just passed spirits knowing I am connected in some way to someone they knew in human life.

I thought it would be lovely to bring you to him at the end of this weekend and the end of this month of May.

Appearing as a golden-cream white light, this Angel revealed to me that his main goals on earth are to help people transition their minds, bodies, and thoughts from a space of disconnection to a space of connection.

So to begin this post, I want to talk about a few ways Azrael can assist you through the ways I know he has supported me and others I work with, and then, let’s finish up with how exactly to call him in.

Azrael can often act as a lantern in the darkness, helping to transmute all around you into light –

How Archangel Azrael Can Help You
1. He crosses over loved ones into the light.

Archangel Azrael assists people who are afraid of dying with opening up to the light of surrender and stepping forward into their soul’s journey with love.

He’s a great Spirit to call in for Hospice, though often his energy of golden-cream white light will usually appear on its own when needed as a circular opening, sometimes right in front of the transitioning soul.

Though this is what he is most known for, it’s not necessarily his most important task.

He also helps those who have already passed over but have not yet transitioned to the light. This is also known as assisting Earthbound Spirits in entering into the light.

If you fear Earthbound Spirits, call forward Azrael but try not to fear them. They are all people we know and love, many of whom simply didn’t spiritually prepare for crossing over or didn’t have the support system around them to do that.

2. He can transmute emotional pain into light.

Whenever you are disappointed or sad, one of the best things you can do is visualize the golden-creamy colored white light of Azrael, and ask to be shown another perspective on the situation.

Often, positive images and thoughts will start to flow in to help you see the situation another way.

While connected, you may get ideas on resources and tools you can use to help you transcend your emotions, such as essential oils or herbs you already have in your cabinet. Someone may even reach out to offer you the exact tool you need or have been praying for.

Azrael likes to remind us that the God-light is within each of us, so you will likely receive Azrael’s wisdom from seemingly inside yourself in meditation or as an inspiration, or from coming from within the spark inside someone else.

I’ve called upon Azrael to help with grief often.

If you’re burdened with sorrow, have suffered a loss, or are in need of comfort and a way to get past what you’ve experienced, call upon Azrael.

Personally, I know sometimes his guidance doesn’t come from within ourselves, especially when we feel most alone. Instead, out of nowhere, a person pops up with the answer you are praying for.

He helps other people create miracles for you this way, along with inspiring miracle-based thinking in you. This is part of his goal to remind us that we are all connected and have the Light to share.

3. He transforms people and situations around you into light.

Are people around you complaining? Interrupting? Wallowing?

Sometimes life is hard, but it is definitely harder when we focus on the darkness around instead of the beauty around. Remember today I was visited both in the spiritual and the physical by Swan. She asked we seek the beauty as we are too quick to see the ugly….and right she is.

You can visualize and call upon Azrael to go to families, people, and situations where the energy could be served by being raised, elevated, and energized.

Because Azrael helps with converting lost energy into Light, he’s also very good at working with those who have scattered energy fields or have difficulty concentrating on or committing to a task to completion.

He does this by releasing ego blocks or lower energy clouds from a person’s field, which can prevent a person from having a full focus or an unnecessary emphasis on ill-important matters.

Feeling distracted by mundane arguments and petty drama? Mired in negative thoughts but you want to ascend?

Azrael can help you ascend above this.

I like to call on Azrael when there is a task that needs to be done, but lower energies, such as my own worries about will it be good enough, distractions, or others fears, seem to be clouding the way.

4. He helps you focus on the future and forward momentum.

Azrael can be incredibly helpful when initiating life makeovers.

If you’ve just come out of a dark night of the soul, Azrael is divine energy to call forward to prevent you from spending too much time focusing on where things currently are and help you spend more time focusing on the direction you want things to go.

He can essentially point your nose to the North Star, also known as the light at the end of the tunnel.

This means he often helps with balancing the physical tasks that need to get done to maintain the current environment while helping to direct you to the betterment tasks that will move you beyond the current climate.

Have trouble focusing on what is yours to do now? Identifying what the most essential activities to move me from here to there are?

Azrael helps guide us to the light; thus, he is a great Angel to call on when ascending to the next level in any area in our lives.

5. He helps you surrender to your purpose.

Having a hard time bowing to your Dharma? Is everyone telling you what your life path is, but you’d really wish it another way?

Not everyone accepts Source’s calling with grace at first.

Source will often call you for your mission before the physical support systems are in place to reinforce that calling.

When I first started this website, for example, nothing was set up, and I’ve later told people that I felt like the bridge was being filled in behind me.

For reasons we always learn later, sometimes Source’s calling does mean you go without heat for a few days, or that you live near homelessness for a minute, or that you accept help from others when you would otherwise feel too proud.

Many who follow the calling are not immediately filled with material wealth, but they have spiritual wealth.

Eventually, the two usually balance out, but in the beginning, it is not always so. It’s funny to think about later, of course, the tests the Spirit World puts you through. But it can make one hesitant to accept yet another charge, even if you know in your heart what path is true.

Azrael helps by promoting a brave and willing acceptance and surrender to the path, and he will show the next part of the way towards this. He’s essentially the Angel that acts as the lantern in the darkness.

You can call on him in morning prayers or meditations to ask for daily guidance to assist with this process of Surrender and stepping into your own light with Grace, which does not always mean a job change, in some cases, it means a deeper commitment to the work. (sounds like my story indeed)

Since he helps with transmuting darkness to Light, any darkness, also called resistance within you, is something he also helps to glitter and glow out of your body.

Meaning, Azrael’s assistance isn’t hard, nor does it put you through the wringer. It’s not an Angelic Bootcamp, working with this Angel.

Think of Azrael as a Spiritual Nurse helping to fill you up from within so that you feel more confident and whole to accept the charge, and less fearful or resistant of whatever Spirit is calling you to do next.

How To Call On Azrael
Visualize Azrael’s Golden Sparkly Light in the presence of yourself or whoever you believe he must be sent to.

Ask for assistance using any of these words:

Azrael, please help with seeing positively (name the thing)

May I please have support with changing (name the thing)

May this (name the thing) now be transmuted into a Light that serves me

May I now be guided to (name the thing) in a way that serves me so I can further serve in my highest light

Visualize Azrael’s energy over the object until you see it begin to disappear, dissipate, or dissolve entirely into the light. If you are working with Azrael to cross over a Spirit, sometimes it helps to visualize his energy as a net or a basket lifting someone up into the light.

Continue to imagine and call-upon Azrael until you feel whatever transmutation you were looking for has taken place, you’ve received the gentle guidance you were looking for, or around once a day.

I’ve worked with Azrael for up to 6 months at a time.

Azrael may also work with you behind the scenes without you becoming aware of it until he appears in your meditations and then to deepen the connection, simply ask for assistance with regions of your life you need transmutation with.

Interested in another technique? I also like the process of calling Angels into your heart, which you can use with Azrael and I find it helps to promote graceful, divine and guided action.

Decoding azrael’s guidance

If you are asking for assistance to promote your own transformation, know Azrael will sometimes guide you to things that were created in light that will support your path towards light transformation.

The guidance will not always be linear, as Angelic Guidance can be cyclical. Meaning they may advise you in one area, to help with another.

An imbalance in one part of your life may be creating an imbalance in another “unrelated” place, and Angels can see this, so if you receive guidance that doesn’t seem to be connected, now’s the time to consider trusting.

Books, classes, herbal support, or even medicines, which were created with the highest intention and in partnership with the Angels, may be revealed to you as the next steps in divine timing.

Angels do not always provide meditation advice; often, they will guide you to resources on earth to support you. Many of these physical answers could appear in your meditations with him when asking for help.

Sending azrael to others – can you?

Sending Angels to someone is a gift, and people who accept Angelic Energy can often feel it in their hearts, even if they don’t know what it is.

I know I’ve been sitting around and suddenly felt all this positive energy in my heart only to later be told someone sent Angels to me. Talk about validation!

If someone doesn’t accept Divine Light Energy in, you may be able to tell, but that doesn’t mean to stop sending it if you are called to. It may just hover on the outside of their aura, chipping it away over time. Don’t try to push it, just let it be.

So just to recap:

Azrael helps with transmuting souls, emotions, situations from pain and into Light

He can be incredibly helpful in guiding you to tools for healing and transformation

You can work with Azrael during life-makeovers for a more rapid change

He can help you Surrender with grace to your Dharma

Call him in by asking for help with something specific related to those areas

Color of appearance: warm ivory to white with gold glitter, translucent

Main areas of influence: transforming light into dark, transformation, releasing dark energies to allow the self to shimmer, crossovers

Want to work with azrael on a deeper level?

Call in Azrael today to transmute darkness to light, one shimmering act of white light love at a time.

Use the process above in a simple visualization and take one gentle, inspired act as a result. For those of you who, I’ve taught my style of meditation and connection, hold Azrael in your thoughts as you connect and travel into the light.

Archangels are generally genderless; however, they can often appear to have male or female tendencies. I’ve used the pronoun “he” for Azrael in this article, though this Angel sometimes appears as feminine, for uniformity.

And for more information on Angels like this one, watch this space…more to come.

With love, now and always

Zowie xxx