Right in this very moment dedicate immense gratitude

Dear lion hearted sweet friends
The soul guidance card presented in my story for you today incites, encourages you to be brave.
Sitting back on your laurels with a present situation is creating far more fear than is necessary.  You know of what we speak.
Venture out, for your zone of comfort is not comforting at all.
Do not wait for others to make it beyond obvious.  Do not alter self to suit others.
Do not wait for the brightest of green lights.
The entire point in your cross roads right now is for you.  You to bring the energies of Lion spirit animal into your heart.  Into your mind.
Be brave.  Maybe you reach out first….maybe you bring light to the situation that others knew not existed….maybe you put things into place to begin a new moment a new creation rather than waiting for space to send it you from the starry sky.
Let us ask you, what’s the worst that can happen? For you sit in the fear as if it already has.
I’ll repeat.  For you sit in the fear as if it already has.
So it cannot be worse.  You may get this outcome.  But your whole self pride and respect in being brave and confronting will carry you through. Will dull any pain.  Will save time.
Be brave.  Harness all you are grateful for, now, choose.  Will you sit with your created outcome, or will you be brave and courageous and make that move.
You may just be surprised. They, it….love that you did.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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