A jigsaw makes a wonderful whole image. Yet only a few pieces fit yours entirely….

Hello sweet rainbow filled friends

We asked what did your eyes see first.  The light the dark.  The rainbow, the cloud.

What do your eyes nees to see first.  The light the rainbow of course.  Today’s first story asked you to intentionally seek the light. For You will need to intend to do so.  A cloud lays low.  Lower. It often gets to you first.

Ego loves a cloud surf.

There is no generality to today’s guidance.  A specificity.

For how long will you ponder on another trying to fathom?

Their thoughts, their actions, behaviour, intent, motive…desired outcome.

Trying to fit them in to your very own unique template of ‘makes sense’?

Tot up the moments here spent.  Did it make those moments, now memories greater?  Do you cherish the memory of the moment spent here?

We ask again. Tot up the moments here spent.

We do not guide to stick nor twist. To stay or to go.

There is choice available here in both paths and it will be humans free will which will dictate the outcome.

Both, all will have to alter their usual pattern for a new here to begin.  But indeed the fork in the road for both exists, offering potential for more. A more that has not been reached in times of this life or those previous.

Today we guide that you’re pondering to fathom is you sticking to your usual pattern.

The safe pattern.  The intrinsic blue print.

To alter your journey through the fork presented, tot up the moments here spent.

Did you cause any effect for you, for they?

We suggest not. 

Indeed we ask you to consider that you halt your ability to alter your usual pattern for the income of potential.

That you stick to the familiar journey.  Of that now, of that in times gone.

Consider releasing the pondering. The fathoming.   The fitting of your template ‘makes sense’.

With a trusting soul, a trusting and open heart.  Allow the universe to step inside you. 

Be the first half of the potential outcome.  And be the belief that the other too has just as much love to do so too.

If the potential is meant. If its fork has harmony of souls not egos interpretation of our words….then doing so will allow your rainbow.  Your magic.

With love xxx

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