Is life an upstream swim…

Dear Constantly Evolving Friends

Are You Swimming Upstream in Your Life?

A river seems solid at first glance.  We all know it is not. Whether it’s a lake or an ocean there is not a single molecule that isn’t moving at all times.  Our bodies are exactly the same, at first glance we seem solid, but there is not a single cell that isn’t constantly moving and changing, just like a river.  Everything happening in the world, life, death, winter, summer, night, day, is constantly changing.

Your Body Is Like a River

A river is always up and down, flowing with an intensity one minute,  seemingly stagnant the next, but it always continues to flow. Similarly, the body constantly balances itself.  It doesn’t need our help except for some basic maintenance and once we learn how to listen, it will continuously tell us what it’s true needs are.  This is where I encourage you to create an alliance with your body. It is telling you in a voice that doesn’t use words. Heed them.  Tired? Sleep! Hungry? Eat! Thirsty? Drink! Sad?

Be sad but drop it! Let the river flow!

Angry? Be angry but drop it! Let the river flow.

Dis-ease happens when we are not yet skilled enough at letting the river flow.

Go with the flow. How many times does one say this? Often to others no doubt.

Today I …we challenge you…to embody it entirely for self.

Today all three posts offer unique guidance. Do not see the left and right as bookends. They hold more.

With love xxx

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Love and Light 💖

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