Humbleness sets you free to be entirely whole…

Dear Friends

If you know it all, skip past this post today.

Sweet Friends.

You, I, We do not know it all.

At times our egos will have us assured we do. This cannot Be, or else child one would not be walking with humans skin and bones.

Each day, each moment is for learning more.

Each interaction, each place, each event holds learning for our union of human and soul. And so thinking yesterday means today holds no learning….as one close to me would say, no no.

No no. Now reflect. Ego whipped up a tornado for you recently. Well the storm has passed.

If one couldn’t learn in the eye of the storm, then one surely can now, this moment, the present.

Have you baked that humble yet?

Be Humble. See humble. In you and in others.

Your best selfs foot forward in humbleness will achieve greater impacts on your path and that of others.

Being humble sees you the strongest in the room not the weakest.

When deciding to lower ones guard.. ones estimation of one’s self and to view you and those around you with the eyes of humble soul…a peace washes over your whole self.

With humble comes clarity…..take a moment to stop before your day runs quick.

Breathe and take a moment to truly feel the whole of you. Think of where you are in life and those around you….the gratitude in all these moments of your life. Feel humble and grateful for all that you have.

See clearly upon reflection all that’s has occured, and assess. Maybe reflection and assessment is all that’s required. Maybe understanding another, accepting and releasing is all that’s required. Maybe working in and upon self in humble learning is required.

Maybe all of the above indeed is required.

Be humble. BE HUMBLE.

You will learn and grow with humble ness, its counterpart ‘know it all’ well knows it all, so where can it grow…..

Now with this energy harness today, make a choice.

Do you ‘know it all’, or do you ‘humble’…..please now address your Tuesday with a soft smile.

I’d love to hear later the impacts being humble had on your day.

For me, a planned day, week of learning. For I do not know it all.

With love

Zowie xxx