Angels come to help you tend…for free with a short meditation

Dear Nuture needing friends


Tend…take some time upon seeing this sign today to make and take time to tend to you.

Lots to do and you are on a roll….or need to pick myself up and can’t seem to..

Either way matters not. To tend is greatly needed and allowed.

It be can whatever suits your soul. It may be a walk, or to sit in nature, maybe to cook, to read a book, or watch a film.

You get the gist.

I will meditate with my team in spirit. I am told Angels in collective will too join, and welcome all and any who wish to join.

It will matter not when you find this free gift. They will come to all and any in any time or space.

If you are reading this post the audio for the free meditation is accessed via my website. So please read the article there.

The new audio link below.

It is short…just 7 mins.

When you have made Your time to tend and wish to use the piece my guides and I came up with….then please do.

You will feel us and the unique connection we bring for Angels to reach you.

Sit or lay…eyes closed….with headphones preferably…breathe in and out…and allow our peace to tend you. For its free.

I teach many my unique style of meditation and bringing your connection to spirit closer to you. The comments received after are always amazement. Here you will experience a tiny piece of how amazing it truly can be when the channel is opened.

Let us know how it goes for you.

With love

Zowie xxx


Simply Be

ZowieCarr WalkswithSpirit

Super freaked out by your accuracy…your sixth sense is insane!!

Dear Friends

I have been working with this couple from LA for some time.

They each use me in different ways. Noosh primarily spirit chats and life coaching, with occasional guided meditation and healing.

Kenny is in a period of Awakening. He has been working with others for some time, thinking he was indeed on the right path.

In fact quite resistant during our first Spiritual Awakening and Developemnt session…..well after him having some time to reflect…you can hear the impact above.

Believe in the Unbelievable

ZowieCarr WalkswithSpirit

With love

Zowie xxx


‘You’re Amazing!’

Dear Friends

I always check on you after our time together, in fact your first session with me is simply the beginning of our time together. I always walk near by, and just today regular clients got just enough on a comment from me via instagram to lift them.

This lovely young woman had a Spiritual Energy Healing session yesterday.

‘…I definitely do, so much better today ☺️ I also feel a lot happier and more positive…’

client from Singapore

I hope you read the slides above.

After me checking on her she requested to book another session, this time for Spiritual Counselling. Yesterday I had detailed the room she sat in, and private feelings only she knows.

Then she felt remarkably different after her healing….and today we showed our abilities by detailing what she had seen in the movements just before making contact with me.

I share always to give confidence to those who teeter on considering me.

No hurry….take all the time you need.😁💡🙏

With love, from my grateful heart to your Lightfilled one,

Zowie xxx


Clairsentience can be a little ouchy for me…


Dear Friends

Let me share a little of how I work.

I am blessed, and feel euphoric during readings…

However they can be a little ouchy at times.

Today in two readings prior to this one….I felt extreme nausea identified as anxiety of one young lady I was holding session for.

Then for my other lovely lady, I worked my way around her body and identified a medical condition she was experiencing.

I knew no prior details. I accurately described the occurrence and the consult she had already, and the procedure suggested. I was then able to tell her what is actually occurring and to have little fear. In time we will hear from her to further confirm the medical diagnoses.

I try to share tangible evidence consistently for you to peruse and learn more about those working as a conduit for all in consciousness. As you will know I simply refer to mostly as Spirit. Well yes, spirit but in all realms, those you see and those you do not.

I forget this is a new account and that I am new to many.

So bare with me…But of course you can always ask a question and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Oh…And yes spirit guided what foods weren’t serving her best.

I am glad to announce that the nausea left me, as did the stomach discomfort once acknowledged by the lovely clients.

You too are clairsentient….begin to pay attention to sensations on your body that just are out of the ordinary or are not yours.

Clairsentience loosely translated means “clear-feeling” and is perhaps the most down-to-earth of all the intuitive gifts.

I will soon offer a clairsentient experiment on Instagram like I used to in the days of WalkswithFire….so keep an eye out.

With love



Testimonial – Jessica’s words after her Spiritual Counselling Session and subsequent Spiritual Energy Healing Session


I share for this has been the theme for the last couple of days…..

A spiritual counselling session may not be what you think. I ask no questions prior, the session is via text, using my team in spirit we then identify what is occurring in life….often why…then guide how to overcome should you choose.

Yes…I’m sure you’ve heard of energy healing. Lots a hot dog stand there can be many on many corners of roads…

Its intangible so many get away with pretence.

That is not the case here. We provide tangible evidence first…detailing what’s occurring in your energies…the how and the why. Today my first lovely client had us describe her bedroom as she sat in wonder…and slightly worried about it being tidy enough…

Then through a combined meditation we conduct a complete spiritual energy reset. Your chakras aligned, balanced, turning in harmony. The aura cleared, repaired. Cords of energetic attachment removed and discarded from your energies….and no flakiness. We will describe often the cords embedded and how and why.

So yes…you will feel different. Entirely so.

Imagine having been wading in mud….then walking upon fine sand.

That is the difference.

Sharing is caring.

With love and to Jessica for bravely giving her words, for it helps so many more choose me.

Zowie xxx