Mercury retrograde will be impacting you…come and read..

Dear Universal Planetary Friends

Mercury.  My ruling planet.

I probably think about Mercury retrograde more than the average person. That’s partially because I write about spirit, the Universe and Energy.  And I joined this world in this body as a Gemini, and one born on the cusp and the solstice.  To say I am impacted….well, indeed. Part of my path.

But I also just worry about the transit. I never want to be caught unawares. Weeks ahead of certain events — my birthday, a road trip, my big moving day — I’ll quickly check to see if a retrograde is coming. So this year, I decided to get ahead of the game and look up each and every time the speedy planet will be doing its backwards dance this year, so I can fully prep myself

Mercury is known as the Planet of Communication, and when it goes retrograde, our connections can get pretty wonky, causing confusion and glitches in technology. The reason Mercury retrograde gets so much hype is because “our society is highly dependent on technology, so when a text or an email gets lost, or our computer crashes, we are highly inconvenienced.”  Remwmber I left for a while due to phone issues, laptop and app issues. Yep, hello Zowie over here displaying typical retrograde impacts.  (Phone still having to be restarted a dozen times a day.  Good news upgrade available tomorrow…or is it 🤷‍♀️)

Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year — more than any other planet. This year, thankfully, it moves backwards just three times.

Mercury also retrogrades in just one element every year, and this year it’s happening in air signs. Its important to note. “Instead of analyzing Mercury retrogrades alone, they all form part of an overall story,”  It also means that we will be working with the energies that relate to that element in particular. 

Mercury retrogrades in air signs affect us on a more intellectual and mental level, compared to when Mercury retrogrades in the other elements.

May 29 to June 22, in Gemini. The pre-retrograde shadow begins on May 14, and the post-retrograde shadow ends on July 7.

September 27 to October 18, in Libra. The pre-retrograde shadow begins on September 6, and the post-retrograde shadow ends on November 2.

For fairness’s sake, I have to point out that Mercury retrogrades aren’t all that terrible. They can even be positive.

“It’s is a time to slow down, to revisit, redo, and rethink plans or projects.  In a fast-paced culture like ours, that is seen as negative, when the truth is it offers us a chance to fix projects and situations that actually needed revision in order to be successful.”

So while marking down these transits in your 2021 planner can help you prepare and get through them more easily, recognize that it’s not just a time of chaos and destruction — it can be a time of growth too.

With love xxx