Light. Its essential and you are in need

Dear Light Generating Friends
Step towards the light being brought for you.
It will lift you and allow seeing more clearly.
Take a moment. In a place where you feel a moment.
Sit or stand. Breathe mindfully, consciously. Bringing your attention to your breath. As it flows in and out, coming into your delightful body, filling you with life, with oxygen. Out with toxins and waste. Of which there is no waste as you breathe out giving life to organisms around you.
Let the eyelashes bat shut. Breathe. In from the tips of your toes and throughout your body, up and out the very reach of your crown.
Now read or recite.
‘Dear Angels working for my spirits highest and greatest good, please show me the much needed light to aid me in these moments right now, in love and in light, please shine the light bright and lead me by the hand. Draw my attention to what serves my soul, and I shall gratefully heed. Lovingly I thankyou’
You will feel us. There will be variations of palatable energy around your body. Either a shift in the atmosphere, more likely a tingle, goosebumps, vibration felt on the body. The head / face…or the hands or feet. Maybe all. These sensations will grow the more you work with me.
Share your time with Angels below if wishing.
With love xxx
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3 thoughts on “Light. Its essential and you are in need

  1. Well, I was finally hit with the meaning of your comment back to me last week… men are from mars and women are from venus… and now I must crawl my way back to the light… its much harder to release this pain than I imagined but for now maybe I just sit with it?


Love and Light 💖

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