Timing sees action needed. Archangel Michael joins in love simply to aid you

Dear delightful friends
I send you love today, how truly are you? 
Another comes to send love also.  Along with help, light and a touch of magic.
Archangel Michael comes to offer you release…all you need is grant him so.  Read on, his words follow.
So now in this moment…close your eyes and breathe.
Hold Archangel Michael in your thoughts..in anyway you choose.
Be love. Channel love in everyway conceivable.
Now Child take a moment of stillness.
A moment or as many as you can afford. Sit or stand or lay. The signal for his presence requested will be the closing of your humans eyes and holding his image in your thoughts.
Now using your inner voice…ask him. Call to him.  Stay still eyes closed as long as wishing.  Then if needing, bat open the eye lashes softly, in glazed focus and Read the below.  Personalising it to you, and you alone. 
“Archangel Michael, I call upon you. I welcome and am mightily grateful for your presence. I surrender. Please release me of the worries and fears of [insert own words]. Please take this away from my human, it no longer serves me. Please take this away, and return to me healed in all manners exclusive to my unique truth.”
Ask him to release you, and stay here in this moment for as long as you find yourself.
You will be released.
How do I know? Experience. I use this time and again and he never fails me.
You will be lifted and feel lighter in this moment.
Of that I am assured.
In moments to come this healing will show itself. I look forward to hearing of your experiences in the future.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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