No bullshit Sunday

Sweet Friends
Choppy waters are part of your chosen route.  It does not mean you shouldn’t sail.  It does not mean you will not reach the destination.  It does not mean the waters will part and you’ll be transported there by wings of a thousand Angel’s.

Choppy waters presented in your path are controlled by the universe.  A universe you chose to take part in.  These waters present as choppy not for you to feel dread of impending drowning, but to find joy in learning your way across.

If this reads as poetic shit to you and your human has scoffed….yes, this post is for you more than you allow.  Please share your scoff brave human.

Let us lay it on the line.  What you are experiencing is bloody tough. Sorry, your spirit chose it for this lifetime. 

Why…too long a story, don’t change the subject. 

Your attitude is being tested, how you deal with this is your lesson. Chosen lesson. There is no universal punishment, or deity or god, or curse…or things just seem to happen to you.

You happened to you. 

Prefer the poetic version now….I’m sure you do. Truth can be a bitch.

Read this how you wish.  Take from the guidance what you wish.  Remembering no genie ever came out of a lamp my sweet friends.

With love, now and always

🙏Zowie xxx


Love and Light 💖

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