Spirits guidance with work…is never more needed


This lovely young woman is delightful. She worked hard through University, breaking the mould of her family tradition.

She booked a reading with me when she was awaiting her results and worrying on whether she would ever get a position.

During that reading we were able to guide her to trust the path…she was on the right one. We identified what was coming and where to look. Describing key things to ensure she knew she was always on the right course.

Your spirit has a plan for this souls lifetime…your higher self has no trouble with you being given guidance. It wishes you to succeed.

This reading she booked when the worlds work force is unsteady. We guided her this time just like before. What doors are opening, how to prepare, when to be ready. Oh and described the house move and flat mates….area….oh and that man who will then walk into her life.

This young women works hard for everything. Its delightful to work with a young modern day executive who meshes all things spiritual in today’s modern world.

I hope you enjoy hearing, and seeing

With love

Zowie xxx


Love and Light 💖

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