The barriers preventing you or anyone, from being a medium

The first and biggest barrier from preventing everyone from being a medium, is that their physical self (ego) may be refusing to believe that it’s possible to even communicate with Spirit. If someone offers you a chocolate cake at a restaurant and you refuse to eat it, how can you ever know what it tastes like to realize it’s actually pretty good?
You can’t.
If someone suggests you play piano and you adamantly refuse to admit pianos exist – you’ll never play the piano – not even if your soul-self has a natural talent for it that’s out of this world.
There’s countless numbers of reasons why mediumship is a type of chocolate cake that a person doesn’t want to taste – such as cultural rules, socially acceptable beliefs, location of their soul’s journey and possible life lessons – and it’s not important to identify them. Unless of course, you want to develop your own mediumship abilities and want to know what’s holding you back.
The next most common barrier from preventing everyone from being a medium is doubt. This includes the doubt that it’s even possible, the doubt and level of confidence that you have in yourself for being able to do it, and the doubt that what you receive is real and truthful
In fact, many mediums undermine the truth of their own messages out of doubt that it’s real. When you are too busy doubting something, you have no time to accept it and welcome it in. When you doubt, you are essentially rejecting and pushing away the very thing that has been presented to you.
Developing a trust in Spirit and in yourself that you are capable of doing anything you want – including spiritually communicating with another in Spirit – takes time. As you begin to open up, the mediumship abilities generally, start to spill out and begin to emerge from within you. It’s like the cracking of the shell – once you take a mallet to thin ice, the hard exterior (the boundary) cracks open and the beautiful sea underneath is revealed.
While anyone can truly crack open the shell of their physical world understanding and begin to connect courageously, vulnerably and truthfully with others, both in Spirit in spiritual body and those in Spirit in physical body, many still feel fear and are scared of it.
If you have fear of the Spirit World, you may as well put your hands over your eyes, over your ears and over your mouth. Fear of what will happen if you see something scary, what will happen if you hear something, how those in Spirit will impact your life or any other fear related to Spirit, you push out and back the Spirit World, even if they are close by.
Being nervous that something bad will happen, that all Spirits are evil, or you are going to be socially isolated from your friends and family should you open up, will prevent anyone from opening up their abilities – even if they have them. In fact, every single day, I receive an email from at least one person who thinks they have abilities, but are too scared and worried . . . and maybe they better not.
Or perhaps you see something, such as a shadow, and immediately panic and freeze in terror, hoping to never see something like that again. And then, you don’t. And, you likely won’t from then on out.
People see, hear and feel only what they allow themselves to see, hear and feel.
Fearing the Spirit World for what it might mean for you in the spiritual world (seeing something bad) or in the physical world (social acceptance), can cause you to shut down your abilities, even if you don’t mean to.
The majority of people who wish to open their abilities to connect with Spirit, have to go through a process of opening to trust and releasing their fears in order to fully connect. This is a process that takes time and dedication and while many people devote that time of practice, many others, don’t bother – for a variety of reasons.
And before you can set forth in opening to trust and releasing any fear, you first, have to believe it’s possible.
To become a medium, the trinity of the three elements of belief, trust and acceptance must be present and to do that, you have to release the opposite from yourself.
As you work on clearing out disbelief, doubt and fear, you work on clearing your channel and your ability to be a medium.
I work closely on one to ones or in groups helping open the channel and releasing the fear. Giving guidance on each persons unique path and how to safely further connect and continue growing in the world of communication with those in spirit.
Each has incarnated for reasons to use this skill….not always to read for others…often times the greatest of business successes are through using their whole self…their whole spiritual self. A unique path is available to all.
Of course if you need help then just let me know.
With love xxx

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