Zowie truly sees the unseen. Please know that if you are blocked or stuck, it may not be for the reason you think it is.

Dear Friends

If I at times struggle to grasp what I do, the things i see, hear, feel, smell, taste, know…all without using my eyes, ears, fingers, nose, mouth, memory….

Then I know it must be hard for others to grasp.

I continue to believe in my abilities and the communication I have with those in spirit….by proving it to my human.

For a human who spends as much time in the land of spirit as I do in the land of humans…..I am actually very science and evidence based.

Proof. Each reading, no matter the type…I rejoice each time my abilities are immediately confirmed and shown.

This often comes in the form of describing the surroundings and movements of the client I am reading for.

You are always under mine and my teams protection when in communication with us, and so clairvoyance and remote viewing is used to take a look around. One, a few of my spirit guides come to you and they take a look around…and I see through them. That’s the clairvoyance aspect….then as I connect with you, I create a connection and then I am able to remote view.

I know, I know…you read with a ‘What!!!’….with a dose of awe and belief….or a dose of disbelief, bullshit and thinking I’m a loon.

Well…I get you. If I wasn’t the one living my life I too would find it a struggle.

Yet I also am determined to push boundaries and never sit in a box because another human has decreed it as so.

If society today saw communication with any entity through energy as normal ….then what I do would be as normal as a few hundred of us climbing into an extraordinarily heavy metal tube with fake bird wings, hurtling down a concrete strip, and lifting off into the air….all whilst getting excited about eating small doll like trays of baby food.

What would our ancestors have thought about tales of flying in this piece of heavy metal…..disbelieve. Thinking those who consider boarding….idiots.

Well those idiots are likely sitting on a beach in the Maldives now (note. Virus times, I speak in metaphorical terms for now), whilst you sit with half of your dignity covered in an animal skin and not a washcloth or hair brush in sight.

My point….humans never ever would have believe in air flight. Until they saw it. They needed evidence.

So in the next millennia I’ll be like the modern day paper boy, everyone will have one.

For now, those who believe in those with abilitelies like mine, are small and rare.

To help, I offer as much transparency as I am able. Alongside bringing spirit to you in one to ones or in groups, or workplaces as I do now.

There is a detailed list on my website of the types of reading I offer.

This review here is after a Spritual Counselling Session. No, not your modern day life coaching or therapy….all of which are marvellous. What I do, is being spirit through as your therapist. I never ask why you need me, we identify what’s occurring for you…..then we unpick why and how to make choices to over come. This involves past, current and future aspects of your current human life. For your higher spirit self is present. Identifying why this soul came to this lifetime.

So maybe pop back up and read what Melissa wrote. That’s how it feels when you have a eureka moment.

I hope you enjoy a little insight into WalkswithSpirit, those who have followed me for years under WalkswithFire are privy to my ways….but this new beginning welcomes a new audience. So overtime I will show you more and more reasons to believe that the Universe is far too big for us mere humans, we have brothers and sisters all around us.

With love, now and always
Zowie xxx

2 thoughts on “Zowie truly sees the unseen. Please know that if you are blocked or stuck, it may not be for the reason you think it is.

  1. You know the old saying, the proof is in the pudding for those of us that have tasted the pudding, we know it’s real and delicious! We are grateful you are here, teaching us, guiding us. πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜‡

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    1. Thankyou so kindly Jerry, I hope you are well. You are keeping that ‘brave, I can’ face well in place. I think you may be experiencing an effect on your skin…dryness with occasional marks which come and go and you’ve thought on chemical medicines. Please dont feel the need for anything harsh. This is actually stress showing itself. Just use a natural cream…like calendula and it will pass. It may take a few weeks but it will pass. I hope I make sense xxx


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