Virtual Black Hole vs This Real Moment

Dear Soul Loved Friends

Let’s untangle the web you weave. Such high vibrations and intentions have been yours, ours this new year.

Spit spot, you rose. Today it is known that the energy has dipped a tad.

That fear creeps in, a large or small trigger pulled….and on a trip you took.

Today we offer you this. Reality.

Reality in this moment, and in this moment alone.

Not what may happen. Not what may be thought. Not what together they create. Not then living through this set of events as if it is your reality.

And so. Stop right now. Sit within. Let’s BE.


And now. What is actually real in this moment and this moment alone. No more and no less.

Such a weight will be lifted from your shoulders when you see clearly.

Now choose where you wish to continue to sit today.

The virtual black hole.


This moment.

With love xxx

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Black Hole vs This Real Moment

  1. Thank you for this powerful message and reminder. Come back to the reality of this moment. And thank you for being back as a guide post for us ✨💚


Love and Light 💖

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