This guidance is golden…I’ve allowed him some air time today (make the most of it and won’t happen often)

My loving friends,

These words are stuck on repeat from my main guide at present.

On and on and on and on.

He irritates me to be honest, rapping his fingers on the nearest surface…that drumming sound constant so that in the end no matter how busy my body or my mind…I hear him.

He knows it irritates and finds this quite funny, what is more annoying is he will change the tone of said drumming from short and sharp…to bored…to sing song…anything to silence me. Make me still. Stop the busy body, the busy mind. Stillness of souls lead.

For I’m afraid too, fear what ifs.

He will repeat as many times as necessary, until I hear and see his communication. For yes, as irritating as he is, and as wide as his smile now grows as I type….he is right. Argh! Who knew spirit guides could be smug and cocky, yeah lucky me eh. Irritating lump.

Well indeed, lucky me.

For this guidance is golden.

A golden gift, completely free.

Never fear what ifs….

If you wish to picture him…well imagine an exasperating face, a folded arm, a told you so attitude, and a tapping foot. Oh…and an air of…uh huh so you share the words with others and yet I’m reminding you constantly, consistently…..endlessly. (he wishes also for me to mention his handsome ness, great hair, amazing spellbinding smile, strength, wit…which I refuse. You’re air and matter. Capiche.)

Well yup. Thats your job. And this is mine.

He gets right on my nerve at times…can you tell?

Anyhoo…lets all try harder to overcome egos greatest weapon of fear – the almighty what if.

Just like the bogeyman…doesn’t exist. (Spirits in the dark..another story for another day..)

But what ifs….nope.

Either IS or ISN’T. Either HAS or HASN’T.

Wasting time on IF or IFN’T….well like the word IFN’T it’s made up. Living in made up land of What IF is fears lockdown. Keeping you just where you are. Just where ego feels it can breathe a sigh of relief. It knows no change is born when locked down in fear. No progress. No forward steps.

So today his guidance is golden.

Never Fear What If’s.

So will you sigh with ego, or force its shreik…

With love, mine and his (🙄)

Zowie xxx


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