Today’s Reminder

Kneel in offering, not in begging 🙏
  • What is a Medium?
    My Friends A sharing and enlightening post, some enjoy my manifestation posts, some the soul guidance sent daily from Angel’s and Spirit Guides…some are intrigued by how I work and like evidence posts… Some like the detail. Trying to make sense of what the @#() I do. So what is a medium…let’s add a little … Continue reading What is a Medium?
  • Action. Get it done…nudge 2
    Dear Glorious Natural Friends This lovely animal entered my spirit team today….she has guidance. Harness everything available to humans. Do not think on just Angels, or therapists, or Doctors, or Tarot, or Astrology….BE open. Yes the moons energy, yes to guidance from source…yes to your own personal influences. Harness everything. And now listen. She is … Continue reading Action. Get it done…nudge 2
  • Get it done…nudge 1
    My sweet friends We are all hanging back aren’t we. Taking any chance any excuse to not ‘get it done’. Yes we are in Mervury retrograde…yes we just be mindful.  Conscious and aware of everything.  We should check and double check. We should be mindful. Be conscious of the now. But.  I…we…never said hide under … Continue reading Get it done…nudge 1
  • Mercury retrograde will be impacting you…come and read..
    Dear Universal Planetary Friends Mercury.  My ruling planet. I probably think about Mercury retrograde more than the average person. That’s partially because I write about spirit, the Universe and Energy.  And I joined this world in this body as a Gemini, and one born on the cusp and the solstice.  To say I am impacted….well, indeed. Part of … Continue reading Mercury retrograde will be impacting you…come and read..
  • Acceptance. Stay in the middle.
    Dear Sweet Striding Friends Rapids or Flatwater? Which Sounds More Peaceful?  With regards to personal peace, we try to hold onto gratifying things that come our way and push away things we have an aversion to. The fact is it’s all the same change, completely impersonal, constant, continuous change, change that is ultimately and primarily … Continue reading Acceptance. Stay in the middle.