Angels guidance to manifest financial abundance…

Happy Sunday Sweet Friends,

This weeks Archangel to join me and share with you, is Archangel Ariel.

To begin this day of rest and peace, quiet, stillness and reflection is a blessed choice for your being.

When stillness has brought calm to the ego and you know the presence and hand holding of your soul, then its time to manifest for tomorrow and more tomorrows.

Archangel Ariel comes to begin your day with you, and aid your dreams and help needed for your tomorrow.

Archangel Ariel is known as the archangel of the physical realm and the environment, and she takes care of the needs of the creatures, great and small, on this earth. 

Because of this, she is also widely regarded as the financial and prosperity angel, and you can call upon this angel for financial blessings. 

When she appears in meditations, she often appears as a golden-yellow light, and sometimes appears with animal symbols, such as showing up in meditation with a small rabbit or deer.  Well today she joined me with Goat, and showed me the tenacity of the mountain variety steadily climbing rocks and trails seemingly impossible.

She spoke of consistency, and trialing and never giving up because the path seems we cannot climb it. She spoke that often with finances and money worries our humans throw in the towel at the first sign of fear. You will be helped. Yet Children Angels cannot wipe away your reason for being. Angels cannot disregard the free will of your human, but neither the spirit which chose this journey.

So likely it is that you experience paths of financial difficulty, it does not mean you won’t cross them. It does not mean that you are meant to fail or fall, but it does mean you may have to pick yourself up repeatedly when falling.

This is where Angels can and will help you. They will help you to keep on keeping. To lift you, to balance you, to help you in your tests and lessons. And when the timing is trusted and when the spirits plan met, then they will bring in the door to open for financial abundance.

Consistency. Use Archangel Ariels help consistently for financial blessings.

Wishing to feel her presence more so, spending time helping animals can increase her connection to you, an Archangel Ariel crystal to carry around as you amplify the energy of this money prayer would be citrine, orange calcite, or amber, anything with a golden-yellow color that is semi-transparent to transparent.

I wear mine 😉

You can call upon Archangel Ariel to shift your attention and energy towards abundance-providing activities and pursuits, guiding you away from stop points and towards areas where abundance is flowing.

To start this angel prayer for prosperity, take a few deep breaths and visualize the energy of Archangel Ariel, the golden light, coming down to your heart. 

Then, begin shifting your vibration to prosperity with the financial abundance angel prayer below.

So Be It.

With love, for rich or poor

Zowie xxx