Almost as if the wind has changed…you feel odd today, off. Come read why.

Dear Lightfilled Friends,

This world is full of experiences layered upon layer. Some experiences are specifically yours, your actions and reactions creating your experience with subsequent impacts and choices. Layers of multiple lessons. Here will be aspects of the experience you can control, for that is part of your souls growth for this lifetime. How you act, react, feel, and then come out of the experience…is intended for you walk in this lifetime. Pleasant or unpleasant there is elements here in which you control.

Yet child you cannot control all and every experience which occurs on this planet. Like a domino waiting patiently in its chain…..there is always the chance that you will feel the impact from a domino being triggered miles and miles away….an unknown domino. Or it may be a domino twice removed πŸ˜‰ What do we mean….you can and likely will be struck/impacted by other Dominoes falling, the fall signifying the triggering of an experience. This could be outside your known, or within various circles of your known. You may be facing the right way….see the toppling and brace yourself. Your domino stays upright.

Some experiences are meant for us directly, we are the first domino. Some experiences…we are the 2nd domino – the experience is a shared lesson….10th domino…so on and so forth.

Today child there is a palpable energy in our atmosphere. Today’s loving guidance coming from Angels who are joined by a collective of highly evolved spirit guides. For reference imagine Archangels…you’ll get the gist.

This energy is a little cloying, making you feel off. Odd – for yesterday, this week….yes there’s been challenge’s but you’ve been fine. Today, not so. Feel a little odd.

Almost as if the wind has changed. Hahahahha….when I was a little girl and caught pulling faces, my Mum would always say ‘if the wind changes your face will stay like that’, to which I would promptly smile or certainly alter my scowl. Seems she was right….

For over night the wind likely did change direction…but so did the moon phase.

As always, the lunar dark moon, and its subsequent new moon phase, are times of lower energy or low tide. It provides us with an opportunity to be quiet and still, as one lunar cycle ends, and the next one begins. It can make us reflective, contemplative….and it takes very little for your humans ego to take advantage.

Sweet Darlings the moon controls the tide, it surely affects the energy and atmosphere around our lovely Earth. And as Dominoes we stand in line….

And so, it is no surprise that you wake today feeling a little off. The head heavy, maybe breathing through the nose not as easy or natural, a lethargy and tiredness making positive thoughts and optimism a little challenging. Then ego goes on a search. Something bad is going to happen….or a fear which has been still for a day or two, is whipped out of egos goody bag…ta da!

If it can’t seek one of its own…it may borrow one, or two or three…

Child you cannot control all and every experience which occurs on this planet

Taking that experience/occurence and its impact inside as if its yours…
Child, this indeed you can control.

Do not replicate inside all that occurs on the outside as if its yours…much isn’t.

What do I mean…ok. A simple example. You watch a film, you’re hooked. He is amazing…what a man. He loses his battle to survive…his family, his children, his friends and colleagues….distraught. The funeral, his young daughter stands and speaks her poem…the tears flow on the screen and off. You are hooked, involved emotionally and physically. The tears fall and you feel it as if its yours….all yours.

It’s not. They are actors, it’s a film. It’s done its job, in entertaining you 😢😯

Now you have choice, for that emotion you felt was real to your human. It reacted with tears. Your energy around you like a compass has been set by the film you watched and the reaction you had.

Now you must see clearly the mood, feelings you are now experiencing and the energy that now surrounds you. If not careful this energy will impact something real. Something that does matter.

The examples I could give are endless…its for you to see how your matrix is operating right now. What your ego is pulling out of its bag of tricks – Ta Dah.

Yes the change in the atmosphere is real and palpable. But we are blessed to have been told, so now you have choice. Your domino now in first position….what will you do?

We cannot always control the outside. We can always control the inside.

The light in me, honours the light in you.

With love, now and always

Zowie xxx