Seek light? Sink with dark?


Sweet Friends,

How are you?  Oh of course I know you won’t reply to me….I’d like you to answer you.  How are you?

Times of new unfold, this often happens in staggered moments to all humans.  We in this present moment and as a collective are experiencing humans modern day Universal lesson.

I’m shan’t debate the why, the fact those debating would all be right on some level.  Fact remains this planet at its Universal level has been sent an unprecedented experience.

One which we hold no control over. One which new rules must be learnt, by experiencing before strategies to partake, control, contain or cease can be established.  A power greater than seen in this modern day has descended upon us all, a game we have been told we are players in.  A game of life.

Never to me has dark and light been so evident.  There is much out of our control.  I speak often of free will.  Our free will is being capped and hindered by the universe.  A lesson unto itself.

In these dark spaces, moments …you can and will sink if you choose.

Seek light.  Seek and thee shall find.

And so I ask how are you? For you can truly take time to work within. To see yourself clearly, feel honestly, experience your unique reality…you have free will to explore your human and your soul.

To explore your interactions with loved ones.

You are being made to stop.  You can stand still, feeling dark. Or you can explore your dark and uncover oh so much light.

For today will you miss your commute, your coffee from the usual vendor, reading the newspaper in the time it takes to purchase and arrival at destination….or will you miss that the last time your saw your parent you didn’t hug them. Clasp them tight.

How are you?

With love xxx

There is a facebook group called WalkswithSpirit.  Many around the world who are in isolation are finding love and comfort, you are most welcome.