Today…let’s have a better today.


We are programmed to look ahead. It’s a natural human action.  It will always have been.  In early days…it would have been safety related, food related. Would we be safe that night where we had chosen to lay, our family to lay.  When and how would the next meal come.  The weather and preparations accordingly.

Now yes these factors are of import. Yet our humans inherent programmed action has become reactive. Our ego evolved and developed.

Now our thoughts on tomorrow are always about better.  Better isn’t vital to survival.

We are always working for a better tomorrow, more money, perfect partner, idealic home and life, objects and material items being as lavish and abundant as we can reach, whether we can afford them or not.

We always work for a better tomorrow.

Yet when tomorrow, tomorrow’s come – instead of enjoying we again think of a better tomorrow.

Today, do not hide from the mass lesson the human race is being presented with.

You have today. Be thankful.  Because your choice of tomorrow is being reset by the Universe.  It is survival. It is being thankful and loving today for all that truly truly matters.

A walk, a holding of hands…singing a nursery rhyme with a child. Telephoning your grandparent…watching a bird soar in the sky.

Today. Let’s have a better today.

With love sweet friends xxx