Why would you not believe…

Beautiful Souls
Quiet I have been.  This week has been a reminder in how I choose to live with one foot in one realm and one in another.
It is amazing but presents choices I must make.
So please forgive me if you have yet to have a reply from me.
Trust it’s simply because I truly love and care and your time with me in essence is integral to all that’s important. 
Each session I give, is as important as my first and my last.  I will not compromise on being the very best I can be for you in your chosen moment with me and thus spirit.
This week I have harnessed my human.  She has not been allowed to panic, over schedule, plan in fear that I may hurt others without fitting in 10 readings a day.
The entire process from beginning to end with me must be the very best and lightest and loving interaction I can give.
If your fingers begin to rap on the desk….read Ann’s words.
There has been multiple messages like this this week from clients who have read with me these last days.
Yet I simply have had the time to post.  I won’t post to be seen, nor remembered nor liked.  For what does that gain anyone.
Today this post should be all you need.  Spirit of all kinds are weaved in and around you at this very moment. 
Believing this is you choice.  I will never cease providing tangible evidence to help you.
For now, and in gratitude of your love, support and patience..
With love xxx

Love and Light 💖

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