Souls growth


It’s easy to think that all our experiences of matter are exterior to our human.

That events and situations are all that hold value in learning from and overcoming. Finding love, having family, achieving success, acquiring things…

Child alongside many important paths you are here to travel, is your human vessel. Your human body. Taken for granted by today’s civilisation at how remarkable a collective of cells truly are. A collective. A conscious collective of universal cells.

Your vessel is always key to your spirits chosen reasons for incarnation, and more often than not will play a very integral part in this souls time.

Your vessel houses your soul and of course developed your ego. A collective.

So never forget that yes the ego sits royally within the mind, with thoughts and emotions and feelings….And also here dictates the treatment your human chooses for your vessel.

Soul will nuture, care for and be grateful for all that this wondrous vessel provides it…..ego will target it.

It will either be good enough one day…Or not another. It will be compared to other vessels and challenged, it will be ridiculed…..even broken up with. That’s it…I’m done with you…you’ve let me down. 😂

There of course are intended paths your vessel is meant to take you through, and overcoming these isn’t always what our humans see as overcoming. Those paths will come no matter what for your spirit self chose this lesson prior to incarnation.

However….too much of the time, the ordinary time ego chooses to disregard the wonder of the vessel which houses you.

It is then that self care and nuture is of greatest importance. When you least wish to nuture is when souls voice must be heard….and ego quieted. Your human vessel is magical. Wondrous. Care for it, nuture it.

In turn the mind will still. Calming the chaos and finding peace.

A purity and joy lifting your whole self.

So child….in this day be mindful and nuture your wondrous vessel. It’s strength is very much needed in this souls lifetime.

With love xxx
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