Annihilate yourself..

Rise and shine Sweet Friends,
Our capacity to achieve greatness is limited by how much we value our own egos.
In its most extreme form, the ego is a veil that keeps us trapped from seeing the truth. The veil is blinding and morphs into a dangerous compass by which we base our decisions on.
Do I choose popularity over truth? Do I choose wealth over morals?
Would I rather be right with the crowd than wrong by myself?
Ego-driven decisions inevitably lead to destruction.
First of thyself. And then of society. Naturally, “trusted experts” who have built their entire reputation based on who they are, not on what they say, can very easily fall into a trap of exclusively making decisions best for the ego.
“Whatever will make me feel better.”
At the individual level, the ego is very fragile. It is wrapping paper for our giant ball of insecurity. Without it, we think we feel naked. We feel incapable. We feel that something is missing.
Little do we realize that the complete annihilation of our ego is the best thing we can do for ourselves. It gets us one step closer to understanding our nature.
Being our very highest entity.
And finding the truth. Without an ego, it becomes easier to change our minds. We are no longer focused on making decisions out of spite and envy, but can take pause and objectively analyze any situation for what it is, not for how it makes us feel.
Annihilate yourself. Destroy your ego. Get one step closer to self-mastery.
You built it friends, start tearing it down.
For now, with love xxx